What A Deere: Doe Deere that is

Before her days of being a CEO for one of the hippest online makeup brands, Lime Crime, Doe Deere had humble beginnings as a clothes maker on Ebay. Doe finally decided that after years of never finding makeup bright enough for her tastes, she was going to take control and make some available to everyone in 2008. Before we begin talking about just how the brand was decided and all, we’ll go back to some of Deere’s fondest makeup memories. In her early childhood, Deere had the experience of a lifetime while experimenting with her mother’s makeup. Doing everything she could to get the right colors that expressed her true passion for vividness. A tad bit later, Deere revealed that at a slumber party, she just had to do everyone’s makeup, even though it was a bit shaky and messy. Fast forward to the rise of YouTube, and in 2006 you’ll have seen Deere’s makeup vlogs. Even though her makeup skill wasn’t exactly what we see today, she grew a following that encouraged her to grow herself.

Two years later, Lime Crime was launched. The name itself was a happy mistake, as Deere revealed in an interview. It was the time of originality, and the fact that not only did it rhyme, but it also included her favorite color set off the perfect name for one of the most beloved brands of online makeup today. Heavily pigmented colors allow those of us who have a brighter side to express ourselves at very reasonable prices. Just like her personal makeup experience as a young girl, Lime Crime’s founding was based on experimentation. No matter what sort of negativity sprouted from the internet, Deere faced it with a positive attitude. This upbeat look on life and colors is what has gained Deere so many “Unicorns” (which is her fun little name for fans and loyal customers).

I personally started off having to conform to the soft, natural look when my own makeup experience began. It wasn’t until 2011 that I found Lime Crime and instantly fell in love. I picked out the perfect pallet and as soon as it got in, I began applying and loving my looks even more. Deere has inspired not only me, but also hundreds of thousands of her followers to stay true to themselves and keep trying bolder colors. If you stop over to her site you’ll be able to see for yourself what all the craze is for.

With her Unicorns in mind, Deere keeps her prices low and reasonable for such amazing products. Now, I typically have problems with matte lipsticks and liquid lipsticks leaving my lips feeling dry and chalky. All of her Velvetines and Pearlees have changed my outlook on the lipsticks because they keep my lips feeling moisturized during, and even after application. That’s just how Deere is, though, always keeping her unicorns’ happiness and comfort in mind. Give Lime Crime a try, and I promise you won’t be going back!

Learn more: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/lime-crime-launches-metallic-velvetine-183000682.html