Walmart’s “Healthy Dog Food” Beneful

Beneful is one of the leading dog foods that Walmart carries. Offering many different versions of the Beneful brand, Walmart also has periodic deals. Depending on the type, wet or dry, is what determines the price. Average price for dry Beneful food is between $5-$33 also considering the size of the bags are between 3lbs-40lbs. Standard prices for wet BenefulWalmart food is $7-$20 with 36oz-80oz of food in a bag or container. Prices for such healthy dog food is considerably fair.

Although Walmart carries many different kinds of Beneful Healthy Weight foods, they do not carry the particular healthy weight with real salmon. The Healthy Weight foods they do carry include, Beneful Healthy Weight with Real Chicken and Beneful Healthy Weight with real vegetables. The vegetables version come in either individual vegetables or a medley pack. The dry Beneful food with real ingredients averages at a cost of between $10-$34 depending on the size bag of 6lbs-40lbs.

Depending on the location of the Walmart in which you are shopping, you may or may not have access to coupons for Beneful dog food. At this time the only clearance item for Beneful dog food is the Beneful Original With Real Beef Dry Dog food. It is a 31lb bag at a cost of $26.98. There are also a few specials at Walmart that offer a low price of certain products for Beneful Dog food for a limited amount of time. These particular Beneful items include, Beneful Healthy Puppy Dog Food, Beneful Incredibites with Beef Dog Food, and Beneful Healthy Weight with Real Chicken Dry Dog Food. You can save up to a $1.50 on those select items.

Walmart is able to aid in providing a healthy affordable option for dog owners. Not many other stores can say that. Click here to watch video.