The Future of Visual Recognition Software Today

Most people have been walking down the street or riding on the subway and spot the perfect outfit for them, however, most people are too shy to ask the person where they got their outfit. Now, with image recognition software, it is easy for the consumer to snap a photo of that outfit and locate it on the Internet. This software, which has been in use by large companies such as Macy’s, greatly increases the return on investment for companies.

Many others have experienced the frustration of going to a store and discovering an item is out of stock. Many product recognition software programs let consumers scan the barcode to determine if the item is available online or at another nearby location. Retailers love the fact that consumers are able to find the items they want quickly and conveniently. Therefore, the customer is likely to recommend your business to their associates.

Other consumers report loving the software because it allows them to look at printed materials and by simply taking a photo learn where items are available in their local market or online. If you are a merchant, then this encourages more shoppers than ever before to step through your retail door either in person or on the net.

One company that offers image recognition software is Slyce. Many retailers are already familiar with Slyce’s president Ted Mann who is the inventor of SnipSnap that allows consumers to upload printed coupons to their mobile devices. The chairman of the board is Dale Johnson who served as the president of Optimal Payments. Working alongside with other team members that have offered many years of successful retail experience to their customers, Slyce is prepared to handle your visual recognition needs today. They are also prepared to help lead you into the future with this quickly developing software that offers an outstanding return on investment.