Taking a stroll with Glen Wakeman

Have you ever heard about Glen Wakeman? I bet you have. Born in 1968, Glen Wakeman is a man that has led a life worth emulating. Today, Glen is renowned for being a financial services executive, a small business owner, an investor, executive mentor, board member, as well as a public company Chief Executive Officer. In a nutshell, Glen Wakeman is one of the greatest when it comes to running any business.

From the get-go, Glen Wakeman has built his reputation creating robust businesses out of five strategies that happen to have been tested and refined by time. By paying much attention to corporate governance structures, risk management, human capital, leadership, and execution, Glen has ensured that corporations’ get catapulted in the direction of success.

Also, Glen Wakeman has built a robust reputation over the years developing M&As, creating newer and better performance methodologies, and developing guidance strategies for start-ups. Through Wakeman’s BS in Economics and MBA in Finance, he has been able to spearhead greatness in everything he touches. Apart from working for many companies, Glen has also created the Nova Four from the ground up.

Some of the companies that have employed Glen Wakeman in the past include GE Capital. Presently, Glen Wakeman is the Chief Executive Officer at LaunchPad Holdings LLC (LinkedIn). Above all, Wakeman has assumed the responsibility of CEO at SAAS, another corporation he helped create back in 2015.

Wakeman’s innovativeness has gone a long way to helping businesses, as well as their employees, succeed in equal measure. As a writer, Glen Wakeman has never shied away from sharing his knowledge on running businesses with the rest of the world. Through regular blog posts, Wakeman has availed his knowledge on strategy, emerging markets, international and fiscal matters, as well as management and administration to the many interested parties evenly distributed across the geographical space.

In the forty-nine years that Glen Wakeman has been part and parcel of this world, he has been most fortunate of living in six different countries, an opportunity that has enabled him to interact with people from various traditions and cultures.