Securus helps Inmates maintain Close Relations with their Families

Securus Technologies has ascended to become the leading provider of a variety of inmates’ communication services. Since its formation in 1986, the company has become the face of inmate communication. In 2015, it stamped its authority in the industry when it launched a technological upgrade to the inmates’ communication systems to include advanced video visitation features.


Among Securus’ main objectives is to help make the rehabilitation of inmates smooth and steady through the provision of affordable inmate communication services. By enabling a constant connection between inmates and their relatives back home, Securus has become a key agent of rehabilitation. This is because communication between inmates and their relatives has already been linked to reduced recidivism and quick rehabilitation.


Many researchers have shown that inmates who communicate regularly with their family members while serving their sentences are less likely to be incarcerated for the second time compared to those who do not communicate with family.


It is from this angle that Securus Technologies has always based its commitment to making inmates’ communication easier and affordable to as many inmates as possible. It also explains the company’s recent introduction of an advanced video visitation that is accessible to users through common devices such as desktop computers, iPhones, iPads, and smartphones.


Using the technologies introduced by Securus, inmates’ families can choose the most appropriate visitations time while they are still at home. The time allocated for the visitation, however, will be subject to each correctional facility’s rules and regulations regarding visitations.


Securus Technologies is a telecommunication company that has dedicated its services exclusively to correctional facilities, criminal and civil justice agencies, and other inmates’ rehabilitation agencies. Since inception, the company has designed over 800 applications that are aimed at helping inmates to improve their lives and to help prison authorities manage prisons better. Some of the applications are used by inmates to complete their education be it at secondary or tertiary level.


Securus Technologies has proved its genuine concern for the welfare of inmates by ensuring that they can still be part of their family members. A special feature of the visitation is that it helps inmates to maintain the relationships they had with their children before being incarcerated. For instance, an incarcerated father is able to guide his son or daughter through his or her homework from prison via live video feeds. By remaining close to their children, inmates are challenged to rectify their deviant behaviors with anticipation to reunite with their children after the jail term is over.

Securus Video Visitation – Homework from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.