Roberto Santiago, the Legend

Roberto Santiago, the renowned investor, and entrepreneur started from scratch. In fact, he was not among the people, who were educated by their parents up to the university level. Roberto put himself through tertiary education when he enrolled in Pio Marxist College and later the University Center at Joao Pessoa. Roberto pursued a business diploma in the former and a business administration-finance major course in the latter. He gained sufficient knowledge and before completing the course, he opened his first business venture called café Santa Rosa.

Roberto proceeded to finish his course as he ran his business. Café Santa Rosa was a source of success as it grew in size and income and the savings thereby were used to open a manufacturing company. The cartonnage company launched by Roberto dealt with producing cartons and other utility products. The profitability was very high, causing the firm to expand even further as many branches were opened across Brazil. The company also made profits because consumers who bought in large quantities became return customers and referred others. Roberto says that the cartonnage firm was the turning point of his life. He saved so much from the venture that he was able to buy the large land on which Manaira Shopping Mall stands.

After two years of purchasing the land, Roberto launched the mall as he had used the extra savings to construct the structure. The mall marked a new level of success for Roberto since it attracted people from the entire country and tourists from other regions of the world. Roberto had a vision of making Manaira a place where customers would get all types of products under one roof. True to the expectation, Manaira has all types of businesses ranging from banks, colleges, casinos, food boutiques, theaters, stadiums, gaming zones, beauty parlors, spas, and barbershops. All these incorporate the latest state of the art structures, and the excellence in quality makes them superior to their competitors.

Other than offering many products under one roof, Roberto Santiago also desired to offer an artistic feeling to the people. Roberto is a highly artistic person, who has actively been involved in literature, script writing, and movie directing. At the same time, he has also been used to the blog posts writing and sports, a factor that makes him very artistic and sporty. The mall holds many artistic structures such as the stadiums and theaters mentioned above. The above help people relax from their normal schedules, and according to Roberto, it makes them more productive.

Roberto also wanted to offer luxury to the people so that they can get a feel that is different from their daily hustle. That too was achieved, as most of the features at Manaira are highly luxurious.