One University Is Teaching Students To Use Wikipedia More

A lot of professionals in the academic industry have been encouraging students not to use Wikipedia because Wikipedia is not a reliable source. It has not been reliable simply because any one can go in and edit a Wikipedia page. One university is taken a different look at Wikipedia. 

Professors at the University of Sydney are encouraging students to edit and make a Wiki page versus writing essays.

These professors are encouraging this practice because they believe that typical essays don’t require much creative thinking and is not always appealing especially in this digital space that writing is becoming more popular. 

On the contrary many professors feel this new approach will cause students to think more in depth when creating content because content online will have a much longer life span than a written essay. 

A professor at the university first encouraged this Wikipedia page creation after noticing the amount of uncollected essays. This showed many professors that students did not care about academic feedback. Many professors began to think they were wasting their times leaving long elaborate comments their students weren’t even reading.

No one really can determine yet if the new study with Wikipedia will really have an impact on the students as writers but professors are hoping to teach students the importance of accountability and always being willing to put your best foot forward in your writing.

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  • Using reverse psychology professors now believe if they know their friends or those online will be reviewing their work as novice Wikipedia editors then perhaps they’ll put more effort into the work. This has to expected all at once which means that essay service should have this to be rectified as soon as possible to get everything done so well.

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