New, Improved, Unique Lip Balm EOS

Using regular chapstick is a thing of the past, and we are now looking at a new generation and look of this overly popular product. As these uniquely shaped products spread across shelves in beloved stores, like Well, Walmart and Walgreens, celebrities were beginning to be spotted pulling these balls out of their makeup bags. Now that they are the second best-selling lip balm in the country they feel that they can only grow from here with their natural and organic products.

EOS lip balm,, decided it was time to create a product that was unique and distinguishable from their 100-year-old predecessors, taking away from the tired and lazy appearance of tubes of chapstick. Research has indicated that these products were being used primarily by women on a regular basis, as part of their beauty routines. Since chapstick is marketed to everyone, it seemed that there needed to be a new market approach that appealed to women in fun, unique ways.

Now that they were beginning their marketing strategy, it was time to find a woman who was willing to take a chance on EOS lip balm – a new, unique, and daring product. After quite the struggle they were making enough products to fill shelves on some of the most popular drugstores in the country. After marketing the same way, other brands did they decided they needed to reach millennials on a whole new level with bloggers, sponsoring millennial celebrities, and building a huge social media presence on Facebook for themselves. In seven years, EOS has created a well-loved product that you can find in all large-scale stores and outsells its competition.

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