Motivational Learning That Leads To a Greater Success

Class Dojo is a communication platform used both in school and at home to enhance good learning moments. Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don are the founders of high tech app that connects students, teachers, and parents safely by sharing classroom moments. The Class dojo company through its highly skilled team of employees has raised $21 million in a venture to fund the tech that covers on; daily student performances, communal and behavioural progress at school.
Communication is an essential tool that brings all members of an institution together as a team and works in harmony to achieve the outlined goals. Class dojo has enabled effective communication on daily school activities making the parent aware of all happenings in the school other than waiting for the end of semester parent –teacher gathering. The main role of the capital raised is to develop the team and upgrade the app in favour of parents who uses class dojo during school and at home.
The teachers use the application to make parents informed on current moments in a class by taking and sending photos or videos to them. The class dojo was started in 2001 after a research showed that there lacked a free user- friendly app that would create community awareness and build culture between students, teacher and the parents. Irrespective of many odds from edtech companies like; Remind, kickboard, FreshGrade, Nearpod, and much more that want to connect schools to students’ parents class dojo has made it and excelled.
The app has received a warm reception in 85,000 U.S schools and over 180 schools in other countries, mostly for kindergarten 8th-grade level. The company wants to reach more teachers and parents all over the world by supplying the app evenly to the schools. Many investors have been attracted to class dojo they are; SignalFire, Reach Capital and GSV who are willing to invest in the company. Liam Don assures the parents and their kids that privacy is essential and the company will
Class dojo General catalyst Managing Director Hemant Taneja says Class dojo initially started as a podium to improve behavioural character but now has grown into an education platform. The app is made to suit the needs of teacher’s parents in line with goals of success. The app consists of; animated videos, discussion manuals and lessons they could carry at home. The parents can also pay school fees, lunch and tours via the app. Class dojo has led to a greater success.