Lori Senecal Global CEO of CP&B

Lori Senecal, a thought leader, and management specialist has been named as the Global Chief Executive Officer of CP+B, which is a member of MDC Partners Network. Her role will be to propel global growth and expansion. She will also have the responsibility to oversee the eight offices across the globe, coordinate them and monitor progress plus spur their development. Over the years, she has been passionate about innovative business technological solutions. She believes fueling business performance through innovative methods at a global level. She has a successful track record of accelerating growth globally and developing cutting-edge business models in companies such as BMW, Nestle, and Coca-Cola.

While working in the MDC Partners Network, she has brought a revolution. One of the historic performances was when the 250-perso agency was transformed into a 900-person agency through her influence. This was achieved through creative content creation, start-up investment and innovative technology in business units. Senecal who also served as a President of McCann-Erickson Worldwide’s flagship office in New York City is thus a great asset to the CP+B. Over the years, her terrific performance has also earned her the favor to be named as the Woman to Watch by Advertising Age. She has also been honored with a Quantum Leap award due to her professional prowess by AWNY Game Changer Awards. Her prowess has also been evident after she was appointed in the Isaac Awards to be the Jury Chair. The different honors that she has been given clearly indicate she is a revolutionary figure in the industry.

Love for the Agency

Senecal who attended McGill University and earned a degree in Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing and Finance is passionate about CP+B. This is because according to the Chairman of CP+B, Senecal has a revolutionary heart, which the agency seeks to embrace in their workforce. Her management skills also have gone beyond the expectations of many people. Her values and passion also mirror those of the agency. When she comes into the team, Senecal just makes the group complete. She has been in the global level management before and she has worked for multinationals. Her success will also be a reflection in her new office in the CP+B. The agency has been named as the agency of the decade by the advertising age and it has won more Grand Prix Awards, unlike other agencies. Therefore, when Senecal comes into the picture, she will take the progress of the agency to another level and make it completely phenomenal.