InnovaCare Leads the Medicare Advantage Plans

Most people who have Medicare coverage, use Original Medicare, however some people get their health care benefits from a Medicare Advantage Plan. These plans are run by major insurance companies who contract with the federal government and are paid a specific amount for medical care. Some of the most common types of plans include, Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs), Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs) and Private Fee-For -Service (PFFS). You still need to pay your Part B premium each month, even if you have a Medicare Advantage Plan. These plans provide all the basic care, just with different rules and regulations.

The difference between Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans is that Advantage Plans have an out-of-pocket annual limit, whereas Original Medicare does not. The limits are a bit high. Advantage plans can include vision or dental care. Original plans do not include these benefits. Advantage plans may charge a premium in addition to the Part B premiums. Check before signing up. They will typically have a co-pay as well for each time service is provided.

People who have Medicare Parts A and B are eligible for an Advantage Plan. You must live in the area covered by the plan. If you want Part D drug coverage, you need to buy a plan that includes it or buy a separate plan. Those with End-Stage Renal Disease can only get the Advantage Plan if they apply for a Special Needs Plan.

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InnovaCare, Inc.

InnovaCare Health, Inc. is a major provider of managed healthcare in the United States. They offer primary care through provider networks, and through a Medicare Advantage plan. InnovaCare’s Advantage plans offer comprehensive medical benefits to seniors.

InnovaCare has a very high satisfaction rate from insured people, reaching 99 percent. They offer high rates of preventive care and health management services. They are currently one of the leaders of Medicare Advantage Plans in the industry. Dr. Rick Shinto is the President and Chief Executive Officer of InnovaCare, Inc. He has over 20 years of operational and clinical healthcare experience. Penelope Kokkinides serves as the Chief Administrative Officer of the company. She rejoined the company in June of 2015. She spent some time with Aveta, Inc. She has over 20 years of health care experience, mainly with Medicare and Medicaid programs.

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