Finance Entrepreneur and Executive James Dondero

James Dondero is the current co founder and president of Highland Capital Management. He has spent well over 20 years in the finance industry and has therefore established himself as one of the most well known experts in the industry. Dondero first worked as a credit analyst/investor when he first began his career. Over the course of his career, he worked his way up and eventually attained the position as a chief investment officer. After working for a number of firms in the finance industry, James would start up his own firm. When he first started up his own financial services company, he co founded a life insurance company with co founder Mark Okada. Within a few years, Dondero built the firm into a comprehensive financial services firm that provided assistance to all types of investors. During his spare time, James participates in a number of charitable events.

When James first started his career, he worked for investment firms by analyzing credit securities. During this stint, he would get a full perspective of how companies and government institutions manage their debt and their investment portfolio. He was quite successful at this position and then began to move up the ranks in the industry. Over time, Dondero would take on positions with greater responsibility. Towards the end of his career as an employee, James served as a chief investment officer where he would manage the assets of multi national corporations such as American Express. These experiences led to him starting up a financial services company of his own.

After working in the finance industry for a number of years, James collaborated with Mark Okada to start up a financial services company. When the company first started up, it was a company that provided life insurance products. In the first couple of years, the firm offered a quality life insurance policy to consumers. However, James wanted to make this firm into one that would be able to meet the needs of all types of investors. Therefore, he worked hard to establish the firm as one that offered a wide range of services such as asset management, financial advisory, wealth management and also a company that provided hedge funds and private equity securities.