Fabletics has Loyal Customers

Athletics is changing way that women look at clothes for working out. In the past women may have been simply picking up some clothing for the gym from Sears or another department store. They may not have had a whole lot of different selections to make, and most of these clothes may have seemed rather bland. That was the old way for working out. What Kate Hudson has done with Fabletics is introduce the new way which provides women with a much more pleasant looking line of clothing.


This higher level of style for Fabletics is what may allow this company to gain the competitive advantage. There are clothes for women that workout on websites like Amazon, but this obviously is not the same type of style that is presented by Fabletics.


The reason Fabletics has a chance to compete against companies like Amazon has a lot to do with the fan base. These are women that have become loyal to the brand, and they are willing to tell other people about Fabletics. One of the things that denotes their loyalty is the subscription service. When women sign up for something like this they have the ability to build a style profile that allows them to pick the type of garments that they would typically shop for when they are on the Fabletics website. From this they have the ability to get exactly what they want in terms of style. They don’t have to spend a lot of time trying to figure out what they are going to buy because the subscription service allows them to get something new regularly.


Kate Hudson is making a bold attempt to prove that Fabletics can stand up against competition like Amazon and any other company out there that is selling clothes. She has proven that her brand has customers, and her ideals are changing the way that people see workout clothes. With the commercials that Kate Hudson appears in she is also changing the way that people perceive working out. She has shown that even as a middle-aged woman she is still able to do a lot of working out, and she wants to look good while she’s doing it. She has personalized the brand as one of the co-founders of Fabletics, and this is what has helped this company grow to a 250 million dollar company in a short amount of time.