Doe Deere Breaks Rules, Gets Accolades and Builds a Solid Cosmetics Brand

When you are coming up in a land of juggernauts you are going to need a game plan. You cannot go into an industry where there are already dominant players and follow suit. It doesn’t work that way if you want to be known in an industry. You have to play a little less by the rules. You have to find a way to break the rules and move beyond your competitors. That is what Doe Deere has done.

Doe Deere has peaked through the keyhole of the cosmetics industry doors and totally emerge into someone that other cosmetics industry leaders are threatened by. She presents a certain type of mystery that is going to make her name known. Doe Deere break rules in fashion and dares other to follow her lead. She had unique makeup line that gives people chills because it is so different from the other makeup brands that are out there. This is what has made her successful. Her young customers are flocking to the Internet to buy the lip gloss and lipstick. The eyeliner is also a hit. There are so many shades that are being represented with the brand, and Doe Deere continues to emerge victoriously every time that she introduces something new. That is the part of her charm. That is what makes her a fun person to be around. She manages to do what other people may feel too restricted to do, and she tends to give people around her a certain freedom. This is what makes her make special. This is something that makes people feel like they are breaking out of their shell.

Doe Deere colors her hair, and she wears a mirage of patterns. She wears stockings with open-toed shoes at times. She is someone that mixes colors that don’t look like they would work together until you try it out. That seems to be the way that she has carried her entire brand. Doe Deere has managed to engage in a life of no restrictions and the new shades of Lime Crime represents this no holds barred type of personality that Doe Deere possesses. People that are down with what she is doing are getting on board and buying those bright lipstick colors. They are expressing their individuality and breaking the fashion rules along with Doe Deere. It is something that appears to appeal to the masses.