David Osio: Changing Life through Philanthropic Initiatives

Compassion is a virtue that David Osio holds closely to his heart. He has demonstrated his zeal to help solve grand challenges faced by both local and international charities through generous donations. He has committed his time to participating in the active management of programs of several nonprofits. Some of the foundations that focus on bettering people, promoting art, and preserving culture have received consistent donations from Osio.

Incorporation of global charities

After succeeding in supporting local nonprofits, David Osio is on a mission to include international foundations in his philanthropic funding. Serving in the orchestra Board has enabled him to finance the Miami Symphony Orchestra (MISO) for a couple of years. His joy is to see organizations that have benefited from his pragmatic leadership and donations achieve their goals.


Osio is the main sponsor of the EPK events organized by an international foundation known as The Children’s Orthopedic Foundation. He acknowledges that the medical research for kids is a critical specialty that deserves the attention of all people. He calls on all philanthropists across the globe to dedicate a portion of their donations to this cause. Osio funds other organizations such as the Miami-headquartered, Fundana Foundation, Saludarte Foundation of Art, UMA Foundation, and Wayuu Taya Foundation. He is a recipient of many global accolades and recognitions due to his commitment to making the world safe through charity work.

An outline of David Osio’ profile

David Osio is a financial veteran and respected philanthropist. His specialties range from tax and corporate planning, portfolio structuring and asset management, as well as banking services planning. He created the Davos Financial Group, a trusted financial advisory group consisting of independent firms. He has enabled the companies to enjoy dramatic growth utilizing his hands-on leadership abilities and business acumen. Thanks to David Osio, Davos’ income levels are on an upward trend, and the company has expanded its operations on a global scale. For instance, it has operational offices in cities like New York, Geneva, Lisbon, Panama City, and Miami.

Osio has worked tirelessly in developing an inclusive financial service company that provides well-thought and customized services that match with clients’ demands. These services are then provided through a group of independent and accredited companies. His main agenda is to ensure customers are receiving high-quality services and can easily access an investment platform. Osio has transformed Davos Financial Group into a Financial Boutique delivering specialized services via each of its independent and registered firms.

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