Cotemar: Their History And Services Offered

Cotemar is a company based in Mexico. It specializes in maritime services, petroleum services, specialized ships, offshore maintenance and offshore construction. Here is more information about the company’s history, values and services they offer.

The Company’s History And Values
Cotemar was established in 1979. Since then, Cotemar has grown to become of the biggest names in the offshore oil and gas industry. They provide their services to Petroleos Mexicanos oil and gas operations.

Cotemar’s vision is to be a sustainable company and to participate in new business segments within the market, and to do it on a global scale. Their vision also includes being supported by work methods that are new and innovative.

Their values center around integrity, reliability, humility and innovation. Cotemar believes in acting in an honest and ethical manner within and outside of their organization. They work hard to achieve results for their business, their community and for their people.

Services They Offer
Cotemar offers a number of services, including construction, maintenance, modernization and engineering. They maintain and rehabilitate rigs and oil processing centers. They run various jobs, such as commissioning service lines, assembly and prefab.

Cotemar offers specialized and maritime support vessels. Their accommodation capacity is for between 450 guests to 800 guests. Their rigs can be moved to different locations, which means they can be brought to places where there is a high demand for accommodation.

Another service Cotemar offer includes catering. They offer this to both their employees and customers on board.

Cotemar is always challenging the way they think, which allows them to generate improved alternatives that offer excellent value for their customers, as well as their own organization.

Those who are interested in learning more about the company or want to inquire about their services can visit Cotemar’s website.