Doe Deere – article recap

Being an ultra make up fan – often times you end up learning about techniques, brands, and the beauty industry as a whole. Something that is of the utmost importance to many fans, is getting to know the faces and personalities behind their favorite brands. While the popular brand, Lime Crime, is at the forefront of make up innovation – few are familiar with the companies vibrant CEO, owner and creator – Doe Deere.


What’s her story and how did she end up becoming, the self proclaimed “Queen of Unicorns”?


Doe Deere grew up in Russia, where she often says where her first business was formed. When the young entrepreneur was only 13, young Doe Deere created a business selling temporary tattoos, noting how the entrepreneur has always had an eye for rare novelty.


She later moved to the United States, when she was only 17. After being uprooted to New York City, Doe’s ultimate dream was to be the next big star in the music industry – a fact that few are familiar with.


Deere then started a band in New York, where she met her future husband as well as future business partner. The two attribute much of their entrepreneurial success to the band, noting how it taught them both how to work together, learn essential marketing skills, and appreciate the fans who support them with a whole heart.


How does all this transform into her career as the owner of a leading make up brand?


Doe has always had an eye for color and creativity. Both her style and make up choices reflect her passion for freedom of expression. Years into her band, Doe went in search of finding make up as brightly colored as she was but searched in vain. What she wanted, didn’t seem to exist at that point and that was something she was on a mission to change.


Lime Crime was created, thus succeeding in Deere’s mission to change the beauty industry forever. Lime Crime is one of the very first, originally digital, beauty brands that is famous for their pigments like no other and is certified vegan and cruelty-free – inviting everyone to be unapologetically vibrant and express themselves. Learn more:

Lime Crime Founder Interviewed On Idea Mensch


Doe Deere, the founder of cosmetic company, Lime Crime, was interviewed on the website, Ideamensch. The site highlights successful and up and coming entrepreneurs and what drives them. Below are some highlights from the interview of Doe Deere on Ideamensch.

The first question asked of Doe Deere during the interview was how she got the idea to start up Lime Crime. Mrs. Deere responded by saying that in 2004 she launched an online do it yourself fashion line. She modeled her line herself and looking for a signature to put her product apart from others on the web, she started using brightly colored makeup. The idea to launch a makeup brand was with her when she was sewing clothing for her fashion line. As she modeled her own line, she realized that brightly colored lipsticks were a rarity. All of this led to Mrs. Deere launching Lime Crime in 2008.

Next Doe Deere was asked how does a typical day play out for her and what does she do to make her days more productive. Doe Deere responded by saying that her work day often starts out with a brief meeting with her creative director. They review ongoing projects and formulate strategies to improve existing projects or how to create a new line of products. She then meets with company executives including the president of the firm and the vice president. Doe also meets with the chief operating officer of her company to ensure that operations at the company are running smoothly.

Continuing her response to the second set of questions, Doe Deere responds that her day involves lots of meetings. This is vital though, she stresses as it keeps everyone working on the same page. After meetings are done, Doe states that she often goes to work developing images for her brand. She also spends time at her makeup lab and works alongside her chemist to create the formulas for her products. Having a hectic schedule, Doe Deere says she responds to emails and messages on the go with her smartphone.

The next question for Deere from Ideamensch was how does she implement ideas? Her response was that she waits and waits, sometimes for weeks or months on end. You must be patient and wait for the right idea to come along says Doe Deere. When an idea does pop up in her mind, she says she acts rapidly and decisively. When she is working on new products, she says she tests it on herself first. If she does not like it or does not feel its authentic enough to be part of the Lime Crime brand, she will scrap the idea and begin anew.

Asked about a trend that has her excited, Doe Deere states that e-commerce is looking like it is continuing to grow and play a bigger and bigger role in the future. Her cosmetic company, Lime Crime began as an online retailer. Deere states that innovations in e-commerce, web design and digital marketing will improve the online shopping experience and drive online sales growth for the future.

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