Reputation Management Company Leader Leads the Way

It was recently announced the Darius Fisher earned the very prestigious award for” Business Development Individual of the Year” The award is presented annually as part of the PR World Awards program. Fisher is the President and Co-Founder of Status labs and under Fishers leadership Status Labs has experienced over 900 percent revenue growth in four years. Fisher was able to achieve such growth by expanding the Staus Labs client base to over 1, 500 clients around the globe including high net worth individuals and Fortune 500 companies. The company has offices in Austin, New York and even Brazil. Status Labs provides its clients with online reputation management, public relations and personalized digital marketing to ensure the show up in the best light in an internet search.
With so many companies and individuals, starting to understand how important it is to protect your online reputation, many are turning to experts like Fisher and his team at Status Labs to help them manage their online presence. Fisher helps his clients overcome a negative online crisis’s every day and he encourages people to remember that there is always a second side to the stories you come across online.
The success of Status Labs is also the result of Fisher being able to attract top talent and retain them as well which allows him to continue to give the best service to his clients. Fisher uses sales incentives, team building and performance based awards as tools to keep his staff happy and motivated. Fisher believes that finding out what sort of award programs will keep his employees is key. Some of Fishers past incentives included watches or even a trip to Costa Rica. In addition Fisher keeps his staff in “the know” about happenings in the office including monthly meeting to bring everyone up to date.
Fisher graduated from Vanderbilt University and begin his early career in political consulting and copy writing. With the astonishing revenue growth Status Labs has seen under Fishers leadership it is clear that there will be more to come from him. As online reputation management becomes a leading issue for business around the world Fisher and his team are well prepared to assist.