Using Securus Technologies to Help with Cold Cases

The most frustrating part of being a police officer is trying to solve a cold case before every possible resource is exhausted. We already had a suspect behind bars on a serious crime, but we knew he was involved in others that were not yet proven to be connected to him. He was about to finish serving a very light sentence, and I knew once he got out he would be long gone so we could never hold him responsible for the cold cases.


We had tried just about everything, and the clock was ticking before he was released with no new breaks in those cold cases. Even though the suspected admitted to being involved, due to a technicality, his admission was wiped clean from the records. It was my job to try and connect him to the cases before he was sprung.


Since I had tried to get everyone to talk and could not find any of the evidence in this case, I decided to try one last option. Securus Technologies installed an inmate call system in the fail this inmate was housed, and I decided to get trained on the LBS software to see if I could listen in when he talked on the phone to his family.


During one of his calls to his brother, he was very agitated about the brother not doing something his brother had asked. I was able to decipher that the inmate was desperately trying to tell his brother in coded words to get the evidence he hid and destroy it before the investigators stumbled upon it. When I raced to that location, we had a crime scene team completely strip the place to the ground, and found the evidence we needed to keep this inmate from ever getting out of the jail again thanks in part to the Securus Technologies call system.


Securus Technologies helps inmates and their families with Video Visitation Technology

Securus Technologies recently released a downloadable video application in January 2016. The software comes in the form of a mobile app that can be downloadable on any smart device. Anyone using Android, iPad, iPhone, tablets, Apple smartphones or computers can access the program. Friends and families have especially benefited from the video visitation program. The app is first downloaded from App Store or Google Play for free. Securus Technologies has been a communication and technology leader. It is a company that avails technology services and products to public safety and correction industries. The firm is spread to all states in the United States and thousands of correction facilities.


The main advantage of the video visitation program is that inmates can experience the daily family life. A father that is imprisoned can get to watch the lives of their children or spouses on a regular basis. The video visitation program is flexible to anyone that would like to use the system. It doesn’t put any limits such as children by not allowing their visits. Inmates can stay connected with their family members and build their relationships consistently.


While traditional visits had a few days to make the video visitation, the current video visitation program is possible on a daily basis. One can schedule a video visitation any time from morning to evening. The visitation program has increased the time and flexibility with which the program functions. Everyone in the correction facility can have enough time to talk with their loved ones. The visitation center has also reduced tension within correction facilities. In most times, correction facilities usually have long queues of people waiting to speak to their loved ones. The availability of the program eliminates congestion in correction facilities. It has removed the risk of violence in prisons caused by large crowds.


Richard A. Smith is the CEO of Securus Technologies. In a recent interview, he stated that the company has a vision to serve, connect, and to make the world a better place. The revolution with the video visitation program is achieving exactly that. It has increased chances of inmates to speak with their loved ones and advanced their rehabilitation steps. He added that it had reduced inmate movement leading to a greater degree of safety. Securus Technologies avails its services to more than 3,400 correction facilities in North America. The company provides other services such as incident management, public information, biometric analysis and investigation. The nature of service offered by the firm is there to make the world a safer place.



Securus Technologies and the Legal System

Anyone who works with law enforcement or the criminal justice system knows that this is a tough industry to be involved in. This is true for those who work with the technology involved with this industry. The technology side involves a lot of patents and who has the right to use those patents. In a highly competitive field such as this, conflict is sure to come up.


Securus Technologies is a technology firm that is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. They have been in business for three decades and work with over 3,400 law enforcement and correctional agencies all across North America. In these facilities, there are over 1,200,000 inmates that are affected by the technology that is put out by Securus Technologies.


In a recent press release, a Securus Technologies competitor, Global Tel Link, laid out many issues they have with Securus in regards to court proceedings and disputed patents. Securus Technologies responded to all of these claims in their own press release a few days later.


GTL stated that Securus Technologies does not have the right to use certain patents that they are currently using. Securus Technologies said that no final decision has been made yet and the issue is still in the hands of the court. They also stated that some of the issues in question are not even able to be patented so therefore, they are fair game to be used as Securus sees fit.


Securus and one of their competitors, Global Tel Link, have had their issues in the past. Patents have come up for dispute and legal action had to be taken. Securus Technologies does not enjoy being in court but they do feel the need to defend themselves. This is a process that could take many months to decide.


Securus helps Inmates maintain Close Relations with their Families

Securus Technologies has ascended to become the leading provider of a variety of inmates’ communication services. Since its formation in 1986, the company has become the face of inmate communication. In 2015, it stamped its authority in the industry when it launched a technological upgrade to the inmates’ communication systems to include advanced video visitation features.


Among Securus’ main objectives is to help make the rehabilitation of inmates smooth and steady through the provision of affordable inmate communication services. By enabling a constant connection between inmates and their relatives back home, Securus has become a key agent of rehabilitation. This is because communication between inmates and their relatives has already been linked to reduced recidivism and quick rehabilitation.


Many researchers have shown that inmates who communicate regularly with their family members while serving their sentences are less likely to be incarcerated for the second time compared to those who do not communicate with family.


It is from this angle that Securus Technologies has always based its commitment to making inmates’ communication easier and affordable to as many inmates as possible. It also explains the company’s recent introduction of an advanced video visitation that is accessible to users through common devices such as desktop computers, iPhones, iPads, and smartphones.


Using the technologies introduced by Securus, inmates’ families can choose the most appropriate visitations time while they are still at home. The time allocated for the visitation, however, will be subject to each correctional facility’s rules and regulations regarding visitations.


Securus Technologies is a telecommunication company that has dedicated its services exclusively to correctional facilities, criminal and civil justice agencies, and other inmates’ rehabilitation agencies. Since inception, the company has designed over 800 applications that are aimed at helping inmates to improve their lives and to help prison authorities manage prisons better. Some of the applications are used by inmates to complete their education be it at secondary or tertiary level.


Securus Technologies has proved its genuine concern for the welfare of inmates by ensuring that they can still be part of their family members. A special feature of the visitation is that it helps inmates to maintain the relationships they had with their children before being incarcerated. For instance, an incarcerated father is able to guide his son or daughter through his or her homework from prison via live video feeds. By remaining close to their children, inmates are challenged to rectify their deviant behaviors with anticipation to reunite with their children after the jail term is over.

Securus Video Visitation – Homework from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.