Amicus Therapeutics: A Company That Truly Cares

Furthering the research of rare and orphan diseases, Amicus Therapeutics is on the forefront of innovation and development of treatments for various genetic diseases. Based in New Jersey, but expanding to other research facilities, such as San Diego, this company has partnered with the top universities to support studies and pre-clinical work. One of their notable products is migalastat, designed to help those with Fabry disease. Although the product is not finished, it is in the advanced stages of development and has the power to help improve body function of many Fabry disease patients.

Amicus Therapeutics is a company truly committed and proud of what they do: remain at the forefront of therapies for rare and orphan diseases, build long-term value for their stakeholders, and foster teamwork and respect for each individual’s contribution. They strive to offer to heal through cutting-edge biotechnology and clinical studies (Facebook). In 2014, Amicus Therapeutics was noted as having, arguably, “the broadest portfolio of small molecule pharmacological chaperones” in the pharmaceutical industry. Amicus Therapeutics is focused on delivering benefits to its patients and serving them first.

Everyone from the leadership team to the research scientists are committed to helping their patients. They not only care for the person affected by the disease but also the family of that person. They listen to their patients, come up with solutions for them, and continually do everything they can to make their patients’ lives better. This global biotechnology company has a bold and innovative vision. They carefully choose what to invest in because each program has to have three key characteristics: It has to be a serious and rare disorder, the technology must be of the highest quality, and the clinical data must have important implications. Amicus Therapeutics is a unique and innovative company with a bright future that has potential to positively impact so many lives.

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