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IAP Worldwide is a great company for a variety of reasons. Over the years, the company has done a great job of helping other businesses get to the next level with their supply chain. If you have been wanting to upgrade your supply chain with new technology, this is a great company to work with. IAP Worldwide has made investments into its own business, and now has the staff and tools to help any company. Many small business owners do not have an efficient supply chain, simply because they do not have the ability to take the time to analyze it. Running a business requires someone who can juggle a lot of things at one time. IAP Worldwide can help you with the strategic part of your decision making with your supply chain.

IAP Worldwide

From the time the company was started, IAP Worldwide has invested in its customers. There are a lot of people who are excited about how well the company is doing. If you want to take your supply chain to a new level, this is a great way to do so. The company has helped a lot of small companies over the years, and they can offer insight into ways that you can increase your overall success on Jobs.net. If you want to save money and improve efficiencies within your supply chain, this is a great way to get started.


New technology is a great way to invest in your future. There are a lot of companies making investments into their supply chain today, and a lot of people are looking forward to what the future holds in this area. If you want to start investing for the long term, technology is a great segment to concentrate on. IAP Worldwide has done a great job of helping companies decide which segments to invest time and money into for the greatest return. Over the long term, it is vital to invest in areas that are going to drive sales and profits in your business.

Final Thoughts

Over the past couple of years, many small business owners on bizjournals.com have started to invest time and money into their supply chain. If you want to take the next step with your business, working with IAP Worldwide is a great choice. The company is dedicated to helping you find ways to improve your business and service to customers over the long term. Reference: https://www.thestreet.com/story/13353255/1/iap-worldwide-services-inc-announces-the-acquisition-of-two-business-units-from-drs-technologies-inc.html

David Osio: Changing Life through Philanthropic Initiatives

Compassion is a virtue that David Osio holds closely to his heart. He has demonstrated his zeal to help solve grand challenges faced by both local and international charities through generous donations. He has committed his time to participating in the active management of programs of several nonprofits. Some of the foundations that focus on bettering people, promoting art, and preserving culture have received consistent donations from Osio.

Incorporation of global charities

After succeeding in supporting local nonprofits, David Osio is on a mission to include international foundations in his philanthropic funding. Serving in the orchestra Board has enabled him to finance the Miami Symphony Orchestra (MISO) for a couple of years. His joy is to see organizations that have benefited from his pragmatic leadership and donations achieve their goals.


Osio is the main sponsor of the EPK events organized by an international foundation known as The Children’s Orthopedic Foundation. He acknowledges that the medical research for kids is a critical specialty that deserves the attention of all people. He calls on all philanthropists across the globe to dedicate a portion of their donations to this cause. Osio funds other organizations such as the Miami-headquartered, Fundana Foundation, Saludarte Foundation of Art, UMA Foundation, and Wayuu Taya Foundation. He is a recipient of many global accolades and recognitions due to his commitment to making the world safe through charity work.

An outline of David Osio’ profile

David Osio is a financial veteran and respected philanthropist. His specialties range from tax and corporate planning, portfolio structuring and asset management, as well as banking services planning. He created the Davos Financial Group, a trusted financial advisory group consisting of independent firms. He has enabled the companies to enjoy dramatic growth utilizing his hands-on leadership abilities and business acumen. Thanks to David Osio, Davos’ income levels are on an upward trend, and the company has expanded its operations on a global scale. For instance, it has operational offices in cities like New York, Geneva, Lisbon, Panama City, and Miami.

Osio has worked tirelessly in developing an inclusive financial service company that provides well-thought and customized services that match with clients’ demands. These services are then provided through a group of independent and accredited companies. His main agenda is to ensure customers are receiving high-quality services and can easily access an investment platform. Osio has transformed Davos Financial Group into a Financial Boutique delivering specialized services via each of its independent and registered firms.

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Doing The Impossible At IAP Worldwide

Douglas Kitani has led a fantastic team at IAP Worldwide. For over 60 years, this company has seen a huge growth of success by providing excellent services all across the globe for problems and events that arise that are out of the ordinary. If there is a problem, IAP Worldwide can be sought after to take a look at what needs done and complete it. When Mr. Kitani gets involved in the problems, solutions are found that seem to be impossible because that is what IAP Worldwide is all about Ð solving the impossible situations.

What Is The Company Like?

The company that Mr. Kitani leads is filled with successful professionals that work on a regular basis to make the world a better place. They are dedicated to their professions. With their education and knowledge, they are able to complete a variety of difficult duties on a regular basis making them a leader in their field. There are over 2,000 of these hard working people employed at the company in over 16 different places across the world. With respect and integrity, they produce excellent work in all types of situations.

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How Long Has IAP Worldwide Been In Business?

They have been in business for over 60 years. During this time they have dealt with companies like Johnson Controls, Inc. and Pan Am World Services, Inc. Because of their dedication and extremely, intuitive approaches, they have assisted the government in a number of missions to remote areas.

What Is The Future For IAP Worldwide?

The future looks incredibly bright for this company because they continually acquire the latest in technology making them in even more demand. IAP Worldwide utilize all of their abilities to create solutions that will take them to even higher successes in the future. When they handle their work, they respect others and always practice with integrity. This makes them a leader in a world that needs this type of entity desperately to continue to propel itself into the future.

When IAP Worldwide gets involved, communities find that they are in good hands at all times. They never have to worry if the work will be done right because IAP Worldwide always completes it impeccably. Since they have been respected in the past, they will continue to be sought after as a leader in an industry that is ever changing. When they can come up with solutions to the impossible, they are always in demand by those in need throughout the world.

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IAP Gets the Job Done

IAP Worldwide, standing for Ingenuity and Purpose, lives up to its name. Just last year, Newswire reports that IAP will be taking on DRS Technologies, Inc.’s (DRS) Aviation and Logistics business, and the Tactical Communications & Network Solutions business. The moves provide a grand opening into new operations that IAP Worldwide could have never entered into before. But if they keep the progress they’ve received lately, they will be enhancing both the aviation and technology fields. This move proves that this innovative company is always scoping the customer’s needs and supplying them with the quality and service that IAP will provide, no matter what new service they enter.

Beginning in 1953, IAP has bene serving the private and public sector for 60 years. They have based their successful business on the quality of their mission, vision, and values. From their promise to focus on the task with the highest priority to the agility and capabilities that no other international company can compete with, IAP will outsmart the competition.

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Their government services include global support of military operations using technological and logistical enhancement. The private contractors can use their services to integrate with government operations seamlessly, leaving less hassle and tax money spent. If you are a private organization working outside of the ordinary comforts, IAP can create and environment that suitable for your operation. They can set up a small village equipped with everything your crew could need. All you need to worry about is your goal, leave the rest to the IAP contractors to get you in and out safely. Engineering, Energy, and IT solutions are also a part of the IAP Worldwide’s expertise. Temporary or in an emergency, IAP has your back. You can count on their services for a set up in a remote area or to upgrade a system already in place. You can request anything from the logistics of a flight plan to secure communication systems; IAP can give you the tools to perform above the rest.

Today, IAP continues to expand at an impressive rate. In February of this year, they accepted a contract with the Department of Defense for $975 million dollars. The money will be used to build and manage narcotic prevention sites all around the globe.

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