George Soros Frightens Republicans

George Soros is a billionaire philanthropist who has made it his life mission to push the ideals of the left throughout America and the whole world. This passion of his, as well as his immense net worth, has made him a constant enemy of the Republican Party. In fact, he has even gained the nickname the “bogeyman of the right.”

George Soros largely makes his impact on the world through his own nonprofit, the Open Society Foundations. It is the call of Open Society Foundations to instill democracy throughout the entire world starting here at home and then going abroad. The Open Society Foundations helps fledgling democracies by bankrolling them, educating the leaders how to run political campaigns, and ensuring that the political leaders stay accountable to the people who elected them.

George Soros has largely been active here in the United States through the Open Society Foundations. This activity can be mainly seen in the area of politics, especially in presidential elections.

In 2004, George Soros saw that it was vital to back the Democratic candidate for president, John Kerry. George Soros was not in favor of the two wars that President George W. Bush brought us into. He also saw President George W. Bush as far too conservative and constraining the economy. George Soros desperately wanted John Kerry to win the election. In an effort to boost John Kerry’s chances, George Soros donated, through the Open Society Foundations, $27 million to his campaign Unfortunately for Soros, John Kerry would lose the election and George W. Bush would serve another term.

George Soros would attempt yet again in 2008 to turn the outcome of the election. This time George Soros backed the Illinois Senator Barack Obama. It seems that Barack Obama had a way of speaking directly into the hearts of the people in such a way as to gain their trust and push them forward toward a liberal agenda. George Soros thought that Barack Obama would be the greatest chance to see the left’s agenda promoted in the United States of America. Barack Obama will go on to win two terms in the White House.

In 2016, George Soros was hoping to continue his lucky streak. He decided to back Hillary Rodham Clinton so that she could become the first female president of the United States of America. The backing of George Soros intensified when it seemed that Hillary Rodham Clinton’s opponent would be Donald Trump. George Soros gave the Democratic Party $25 million sensory Clinton informed him it was nearly bankrupt.

Though Hillary Clinton would go on to lose the election, George Soros would take the fight to Donald Trump on the ground. George Soros uses the Open Society Foundations to bankroll other left movements such as black lives matter,, Planned Parenthood votes, as well as various fact-checking super PACs.

He is most known for organizing the woman’s rights protest march that occurred just the day after President Donald Trump’s inauguration.

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Sahm Adrangi the engine of Kerrisdale Capital Management

Kerrisdale Capital Management is an investment manager founded by Sahm Adrangi in 2009. The company focuses on value and unique situations investments and has grown over the years to manage $300 million. The company has emerged as a leading proponent of an investment approach that focuses on sharing investment information. It shares this information on its website and even third-party websites with the investment community. Sahm Adrangi plays a vital role in the prosperity of the company.

Adrangi doubles up as the one who established and the CIO of Kerrisdale Capital Management. He launched the company with a capital of $ 1 million, but he has worked hard to take it to over $ 150 million. Adrangi focuses on sharing information on the company’s website, which has seen him make a name for himself. The research undertaken by the company focuses on correcting misconceptions about various corporations.

The company keeps developing its expertise to remain competitive. Recently, Mr. Adrangi now focuses on specific sectors such as biotechnology and mining. He has also published several reports on the telecommunication sector.

Kerrisdale has continued to grow in its investment and has now raised approximately $100 investors. This capital is meant to bet on a single stock in a single investment. Adrangi is quoted stating that company was able to raise a meaningful amount of capital in a short time. In a particular activist role, Adrangi has embarked on the upcoming campaign in various ways.

The company is yet to unveil the target company, but reliable sources have revealed that a public company with a notable capital. A confidential report has said that the target company will get announced in mid-May, but the fund has begun buying stock in the undisclosed company.

Kerrisdale is known for betting against companies and taking its case public. The company currently manages approximately $500 million. Its main hedge fund has an average annual return of about 28%. Sahm Adrangi has been instrumental in the success of Kerrisdale Capital Management and has used his vast experience as an investment analyst to propel the company to its current success.

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