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When it comes to planning events, one of the goals that hosts have is making it as fun as possible. Therefore, it is important to decide on what types of activities that people could take part in when they visit the event. This requires a lot of thought. Among the things that hosts could do is get information about the people he is inviting. This includes information on the types of activities they enjoy. Then they can include that in the event. After all, one of the reasons that hosts run events is that they want to treat their friends to a special time.


While they can probably figure out the activities of the event all their own, there are event planners in NYC that are very insightful on the types of events that can bring out the most fun in any event. For one thing, people love to get involved in games and contests in which they can win prizes to take home from the event. Therefore, a lot of thought can be put into the offers of the event. Corporate event planners in NYC can provide the host with options and ideas of what they can give the people attending the event.


One of the event planning companies in NYC that bring the party to life with activities is Twenty Three Layers. This company is not only professional with their planning and execution but also insightful on the types of activities that could be offered. For one thing, some people like to get involved in the party in ways that go beyond just mingling and dancing. One of the best things that a party can offer is options for the people. When people have options in activities, they may stay a bit longer at least out of curiosity of what is to offer.

Hiring an Event Planner in NYC

Hosting a large party can be a great way to celebrate a special event, gather people for a formal affair, or bring professionals together. While holding a large event can be a lot of fun and a great idea, it can also be a significant amount of work. Those that are planning an event should consider hiring an even planner for extra help. When determining whether or not you should hire an event planner, there are several tips and steps that should be considered.

The first step is to determine why you think you need an event planner. Event planners can help you develop a plan, create a budget, find vendors, and handle logistics. If you do not have the time or experience for any of these tasks, an even planner could prove to be very helpful.

Once you have figured out whether one is necessary, another step si to find the event planner. Event planners can be found a number of different ways including through referrals, word of mouth market, professional organizations, and even through social media. Through these channels you should be able to develop a list of qualified event planners and figure out what is each planner’s top skill. Once you have found a few event planners to choose from, the next step is to interview them. During this process you should focus on finding one with experience planning events similar to yours.

When you are looking for event planning companies in NYC, a great option would be to work with Twenty Three Layers. Twenty Three Layers is one of the top event planners in NYC and has developed a reputation for excellence for years. As one of the top event planning companies NYC, Twenty Three Layers will be able to help you develop a clear and concise image for the event, help you prepare a budget, and ensure that the event goes off without a hitch. Compared to other event planing services in NYC, Twenty Three Layers will also be able to help save off the cost through their variety of relationships with vendors.

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New York Based Event Planning

DeJuan Stroud is one of the hottest names in event planning in the entire United States. From working with celebrities and high profile business executives such as Jon Bon Jovi, Micheal Bloomberg as well as Donald Trump, Stroud has certainly made a name for himself in event planning and design. Culture Map Houston, a Texas based news blog recently hosted an interview with DeJuan Stroud to see what it is really like to work with some of the most recognizable names in the industry as one of the best floral designers in the world. Stround acknowledged that working with such big names helps him to push his creativity and to work that much harder. When discussing creating the perfect environment for a party, he talked about making people feel comfortable and excited while holding their attention. He also mentioned utilizing lighting to make people look good as one of the most important factors for creating the perfect part environment. Although from the Alabama, Stroud operates out of New York, where he sees the same familiar values of family and hard work as important in the big city as down south.

Another design and event planning firm based out of New York is 23 Layers, which has developed a unique style and passion for creating the best events around. From small personal events to large corporate functions, 23 Layers provides available expertise and passions to deliver on any project. The team at 23 Layers, through their expertise and history, have created strong relationships with world-renowned establishments as well as popular vendors, making working with them a rewarding and stress-free process.

23 Layers offers extensive service and expertise to make sure each event is as unique and fulfilling as the last. They specialize in catering, floral design, lighting, branding, entertainment and so much more. Their services are extensive as well as inclusive to make sure that clients are met with all of their needs in the most efficient and satisfying way possible. 23 Layers can be contacted via their website or simply by calling 646.837.5902 and emailing the team at [email protected]

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