Dr. David Samadi Appliance of Smart Technology in Prostate Cancer Treatment

Dr. David Samadi, the chief of robotics at New York Lenox hill hospital calling for medicine came at an early age. Dr. Samadi was born in Iran, and their family later moved to Persia where he grew up. After a revolution in their country, Dr. Samadi and his sibling were forced to move to Belgium where he decided his fate on medicine. He got inspired by watching a prostate cancer procedure. He earned his post graduate in medicine from stony brooks school of medicine and proceeded to do his post-graduate at Montefiore medical center and after that Albert Einstein College of medicine. He has been on the forefront of fighting cancer, carrying out more than 7000 prostate cancer procedures using his Samadi Modified Advanced Robotics Treatment.

Dr. Samadi treatment involves detecting, diagnosing and treating prostate cancer at the early stages. His method has led to more than 90% tumor-free patients. He shares his research through radio shows and blogs on his website, specializing in latest medical technology, alternative medicine, and other issues. His new robotics method of treating prostate cancer is less invasive of one’s privacy and keeps the patient’s disease-free. In the early 2000s he was using the traditional ways to treat cancer, but after learning on the http://video.foxnews.com/v/5352024035001/? – sp=show-clips, he decides to try the new methods. Dr. Samadi work experience in France, came in handy n transitioning, his reputation in the United States grew because he was among the first people to use robots for operation. Over the years he has been able to hone his skills despite the initial stages when he had doubts because the procedure was slow.

When he started the Smart surgical technique, there was an overwhelming response because the patients wanted to avoid the traditional methods side effects of impotence. He doesn’t have a specific tool for marketing aside from the referral systems of his patients to others. Dr. Samadi lets his work speak for him rather than bloating his ego with unnecessary adverts. Dr. Samadi worked has led to the growth of the hospital, with the hospital experiencing a massive number of patients. Dr. Samadi has credited his success due sticking with his schedule and developing a routine that works for everyone and also surrounding himself with positive people. Dr. Samadi smart technique separates the prostate from the nerves thus minimizing damage to the affected area. In future, he hopes to develop clinics for men and improve his technique. Due to the job stressful nature, he relies on his family to give him strength.

Eric Lefkofsky, the Philanthropist

He is the co-founder and also the CEO of Tempus, a company that aims to put in place databases that calibrate cancer treatment. According to him, to fight cancer successfully, the doctors will have to get a data bank that will avoid confusion in the treatment and give a clear picture of cancer patients.The patient information is required in the sector and is available. There is little resources that will combine genomic data and therapeutic information. Eric has been observing this and brought it into the light at the Fortune Brainstorm Health Conference in San Diego.In the conference, he stated the need of having molecular, therapeutic and outcome response data will give a clue on how the treatment works so that it can be seen if efficient or not. The genetic information will not be taken into strict consideration.

The scientists are doing a breast cancer research with patients using Herceptin and looking for a reason as to why 40% percent respond to it. They should make an effort to know why the 60% do not respond. Are they diabetic or use a counter-drug that does not conform with the Herceptin. The people looking for data on the drug will have a hard time getting data. They would be told to wait for a long period of 90 days and yet if the data was uploaded in the health system it was going to make work easier.Eric was then compelled to come up with the Tempus when the wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. He said that it would be easier to find a drug that is effective if the data is combined and compared among the patients. It will help solve the cancer problem that is killing a lot of people.

His company will build a better version of the electronic medical record EMR that will combine a fresh data and feed the clean version back to the source so that it can validate and verify information. Oncologists and neurological doctors will have a base to start treatment by helping Research scientists in finding personalized vaccines using this data.Lefkofsky’s philanthropy is evident in other sectors like arts and culture, education and human rights.

Celebrating Troy McQuagge

Troy McQuagge was honored with the award for the CEO of the Year by the One Planet Awards according to an article published by PRWeb on 29th March 2017. Troy serves as the chief executive officer at the USHEALTH Group, Inc. The Prestigious One Planet Awards is an international leading awards program that honors both professional and business excellence across all industries all over the world. The awards program accepts nominations from all organizations in the world regardless of whether they are new start-ups, small or big, private or public, and non-profit or for-profit. McQuagge started working at the USHEALTH Group in 2010.

Troy started the work of transforming the company and caused significant changes in the enterprise after joining USHEALTH Group Inc. He was responsible for rebuilding the distribution agency at the USHEALTH and also changing the advisors of the company. He was appointed to serves as the CEO and president of the firm due to his success in re-tooling the USHEALTH Group Inc Advisors. The USHEALTH Group Inc. has managed to grow significantly under his leadership. It has registered a huge success and profitability. The company has now made a name for itself in the individual health insurance sector which is highly competitive.

Troy McQuagge accepted the award and stated that it was a tremendous honor for him that he was recognized by the coveted One Planet Awards program. He said that the award does not belong to him alone. It belongs to the entire fraternity at the USHEALTH Group, Inc. Troy added that the award was a testament to show that the ongoing commitment of the company is solving the issue on healthcare affordability for their customers. Other categories that the One Planet Awards give honors include Marketing, PR, new services and products, corporate communications, and executives.Troy McQuagge has worked in the health insurance field for more than 30 years. His expertise is in strategic planning, business development, executive leadership, and product design. Troy holds a BA which he earned from the University of Central Florida. Troy has a reputation as a reliable and efficient health insurance expert.




Todd Lubar Makes Mortgage Lending Easy to Undeserved Groups

Todd Lubar always knew he was going to become a successful real estate and finance expert; the only question was how. With an unparalleled ambition, wit and a genuine heart to help people, today he is one of the most sort-after private mortgage lenders in America.

Todd’s journey into real estate began when he took the position of a loan originator while working with Crestar Mortgage Corporation. He quickly mastered the art of conservative mortgage banking while developing strong relationships with real estate agents, financial planners, CPAs and insurance agents. With a steady list of business contacts that doubled as referrals, it was time for Mr. Lubar to take the next step.

When he secured a job as an equity agent at Legacy Financial Group, Todd was excited of the new challenge. It not only meant venturing deeper into the business of loan brokerage, it opened him up to international exposure. Todd secured several mortgage loans for outside real estate investors according him the prestigious position of a direct mortgage banker. Having accomplished this phase of his career, it was time for Todd to venture into his real passion.

Todd noticed that the mortgage loan market had a huge percentage of individuals who could not secure loans through the conventional lending criteria. This prompted him to open his own company, Legendary Properties LLC, to come to the rescue of this undeserved group. Todd Lubar managed to secure over 200, and more, in loan transactions form both single and multi-family property owners. Quite a milestone achievement one would say, but Todd felt he could do more.

This urge to help others prompted him to open his second company, Charter Funding which operated under the larger First Magnus Finance Corporation. His affiliation with this major and private mortgage lender opened new doors to expand his reach into the mortgage market and helped more unprivileged people. His business portfolio catapulted to over 7,000 transactions in successfully secured loans. Check out his personal website at toddlubar.com.

Besides real estate and finance, Todd Lubar has also invested in other industries like trading in automotive scrap metal and commercial demolition. Today, Todd holds the position of Senior VP at Priority Financial Services LLC, a Maryland based firm.

More information on Mr. Todd Lubar available on his spokeo.com and Tumblr page.
Crunchbase: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/todd-lubar#/entity


Raj Fernando Explains Why Chicago Is A Startup Hub

In his blog article, posted on July 20, 2016, Raj Fernando discussed the reasons that make Chicago Town home to most of the successful American Startups. He said that the town was beyond its traditional transportation signature as the central connection of the West to the East Coast and California to Connecticut. Besides, Chicago Town hosted 104 private firms (38 of which are IT companies) on the Inc. 5000, improving from 95 firms in 2014. The metropolitan was ranked second among the leading cities with fastest developing companies. It is a convenient location for startups in America while San Francisco is wealthy with tech talent. New York City is regarded as the capital of finance. Los Angeles is the home of Hollywood.

Companies flourish in Chicago due to the unique and diverse co-existence of businesses. Entrepreneurs, big or small, support each other. Bigger companies invest in smaller firm’s creative thinking, agility and potential to help them succeed in their operations. While other towns are characterized by one line business, Chicago Town brings together companies from different sectors. The town’s sheer diversity attracts more businesses. Some of the Fortune 500 companies that are headquartered in Chicago are McDonald’s, Motorola, Sears, Kraft Foods, Walgreens, Allstate Insurance, and Airlines. The unique city connects individuals, professionals and companies from all over, making it a convenient place to live and work. This information was originally mentioned Raj Fernando’s website as outlined in this link http://www.rajfernando.com/

Raj Fernando is the chairman and CEO of Scoutahead, an internet startup. The American businessman is also a political fundraiser and donor. He was the CEO of his former company, Chopper Trading. Raj holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics and History from the prestigious Beloit College. He is also an alumnus of the University of London. His interest in entrepreneurship saw him volunteer at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. He undertook different roles, including trading positions. In 2002, Raj started Chopper Trading, a propriety trading company that specialized in equities and fixed income. He sold the company in 2015 and launched Scoutahead.com in 2016. Raj sits on Board of the foreign policy leadership committee, American Security Project and the Chicago Council on Global Affairs. Over the years, he has been actively involved in various philanthropic activities. Raj is a committed board member of PAWS Chicago.