Kyle Bass Steals From the Rich And Gives to the Rich

Socialism isn’t really about redistributing wealth, as much as those championing it would say it is. When you look at historical trends of socialism, it’s actually about deposing the current aristocracy and replacing it with the surrounding bureaucracy. Here’s the thing, though: a lot of those individuals pushing paper can’t run the government any better than the previous aristocrats, and in fact end up tanking the economy pretty much…every time. Just look at Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, socialist despot of Argentina. This woman has defaulted her home country’s economy two times in only thirteen years–that’s historically poor leadership. Yet hedge fund manager Kyle Bass, who is based out of Dallas Texas, has nothing but good things to say about her. Perhaps this is because Bass is also an Argentine, or perhaps its because he’s working in capacity as an economic assassin in the United States. Is there any evidence in this? Well, yes there is, actually. Most of Bass’ career, as told by

In March of 2008, Bass gave information to a CSPAN reporter pertaining to Bear-Stearns, the investment bank he had previously been working as an executive at. The information led the reporter to ask a leading question which implied Goldman-Sachs had lost confidence in Bear-Stearns. This was based on Bass’ tip. The truth was that no confidence whatsoever had been lost between the two; the issue was a novation, and those can be sketchy even though they are very common. Novations involve trading equal quantities without translating them in the interim. Think of it like the transitive property in mathematics. If “A” equals “B”, and “B” equals “C”, then “A” equals “C”. Well, Goldman-Sachs reversed whatever decision they’d made prompting Bass to inform on them, but it was too late. Was Bass’ information-slippage the straw that broke the Camel’s back? Maybe, maybe not; but his claim to fame came that same year when he got in on the international financial conversation and predicted the sub-prime lending crisis would collapse. That’s kind of like lighting a house on fire and then yelling: “LOOK OUT! THAT HOUSE IS ON FIRE!”

Bass also uses his humanitarian agency CAD, the Coalition for Affordable Drugs, to force drug companies into lowering prices such that he can short-sell his holdings with them on Wall-Street when their stock drops value. Bass regularly uses these kinds of techniques, and they are fundamentally damaging to the American economy. He steals from those in this country, and funnels it to his own aims. He steals breakthroughs from the sick, for no reason other than making money.

Venezuela Fights Hunger

Venezuela is facing hunger and other issues according to, with water being as expensive as gas in the country right now. Venezuela is facing out of control prices with food, as the country cannot grow enough of its own. The government is now urging citizens to grow its own food.

The country has plenty of resources available to grow its own food, however it often relies on outside places to get food. Some say as much as 80% of the food comes from outside sources.

David Osio is quick to point out that chefs are also having a difficult time obtaining food. Even the best of the best restaurants in the country struggle with being able to make and produce food. Osio says they have struggled to survive and often make cuts where necessary. Despite the current issues, restaurant staff say they work with what they get. You can read more on chef’s stories here.

If you would like to watch a YouTube video of the situation, you can do so here.