Squaw Valley Water Returning To Normal Levels

Visitors to the historic Squaw Valley Ski Resort are used to getting a glimpse into the finer things of life and enjoying a luxurious stay; however, the resort’s dedicated staff have recently shown their skills in keeping visitors to the region as safe and secure as possible during the contamination of a minor well water system serving the Upper Mountain region only. Squaw Valley Public Relations Director Liesl Kenney has recently been updating guests, the press, and the public about the many different steps the resort has taken to make sure each and every guest remains safe at all times when visiting the Gold Coast and High Camp regions of the mountain.


Liesl Kenney and Placer County Environmental Health Official Wesley Nicks have explained an inundation of rain water during an unexpected weather event caused the issue that has affected four wells serving a small portion of Squaw Valley’s ski resort. The resorts own testing procedures highlighted a small issue with the presence of E.coli and Coli form bacteria found in the four wells, importantly Squaw Valley Ski Resort officials have explained the affected water supply was turned off prior to any guest or visitor being offered any contaminated water while visiting the resort.


Liesl Kenney and Wesley Nicks have both revealed the work to rectify the problems seen in the water supply have been ongoing since Squaw Valley self reported the problems with bacteria in the wells. Kenney revealed officials notified Placer County Environmental Health Department, Squaw Valley local government, and a group of independent water experts in a bid to solve the problems as quickly as possible; only a month after the rain event occurred Wesley Nicks revealed three of the four wells had already seen a reduced level of coliform and E.coli had completely been removed from these wells. Despite the success that is already being seen in solving these water problems the water supply to Gold Coast and High Camp will not be returned to normal until experts state it is safe; complimentary bottled water is being offered to guests skiing the slopes that remain fully open.