James Dondero Named Head of Charitable Giving at Highland Capital

James Dondero, President of Highland Capital Management,has teamed up with civi leader Linda Owen to expand the firms charitable giving. Linda Owen, who is the former president of the The Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation, will lend her considerable skills to he project as the firms charitible giving manager.

The Dallas Foundation, is the new charatible giving arm of Highland Capital Management. It is an effect to expand the amount of charitble giving the firm engages in. Linda Owen will use her expertise to create and organize creative, profitable fundraisers, and James Dondero will use his experience as a manager and his financial expertise to manag the rest of the Dallas Foudations operations.

Highland already contributes $3 million dollars to charitable organizations with the funds it raises throug the Dallas Foundation. With the help of Linda Owen’s skills and connections, Dondero believes they can give even more money back to the community. Many of these causes are related to veterans organizations as well as healthcare, education, and health care in the Dallas community.

Linda Owen has a long history of working on projects that help to improve the Dallas community. As president of the Woodall Rodgers Park foundation, she was instrumental in the development of Kyde Warren Park in Dallas among other projects. Prior to working for the Woodall foundation, she was a real estate developer and CEO of The Real Estate Council. She also worked as part of a number of charitable foundations and organizations as part of her career.

James Dondero is the president and co-founder of Highland Capital Management, along with his partner Mark Okada. In addition to his duties at Highland he is on the board of other companies including MGM Studios, American Banknote Corporation, CCS Medical, NexBank, NextPoint Residential trust, and others among a range of diverse companies. He is an expert in investing in credit and equity markets, with over 30 years in the field.

James Dondero’s experience is what makes him a qualified capable president of such a high quality financial and investment management firm. He helped pioneer the use of Colatorilized Loan Obligation and is graduate of the University of Virgina.

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Stephen Murray left a huge impact on the world

There are many great individuals in the finance industry. These individuals worked hard to leave their mark. Controlling powerful companies on LinkedIn and doing whatever was necessary to get their clients the returns they deserved. One of the greatest names in the history of finance was Stephen Murray.

Steve Murray was born in Massachusetts. He excelled in school and easily earned his spot at Boston College. At Boston College, he earned his degree in economics. He worked in the private sector for several years, and then went to Columbia Business School. He excelled at Columbia Business School, quickly received his MBA.

After finishing his education, Steve Murray went to work for the Manufacturers Hanover Corporation. The company transitioned through several different names and forms throughout the early nineties, until it was acquired by Chase. JP Morgan then acquired Chase in the early 2000s. While the company’s name kept changing, Stephen was diligently working his way up the ladder. In 2005, JP Morgan made him the head of buyout business. Just a year later, JP Morgan chose to spin off several divisions. One of the spinoffs was CCMP Capital, and Steve Murray was a natural choice for CEO of this new company.

CCMP quickly became an industry leader. People throughout the industry looked towards CCMP for guidance and leadership, and Steve Murray was mostly credited for the company’s success. Today, the company is still seen as a major player in the industry.

Stephen served on the boards of companies like AMC Entertainment, Aramark, Vitamin Shoppe, and numerous other companies. All of these companies benefitted from Stephen’s insight and expertise and Stephen was proud to serve on these boards.

Stephen loved working in the business community on patch.com, but his life’s passion was giving back via philanthropic works. He regularly helped the Make-a-Wish foundation raise money. He loved his alma mater’s and gave generously to Boston College and the Columbia Business School. He felt that the neediest in our community need our support, so he supported the local food bank. Stephen left his mark on the business world, but his philanthropic works had a huge impact on the world.

Unfortunately, he recently passed on, but people throughout the financial sector have benefitted from his keen insights. CCMP remains a strong leader in the financial world because of his leadership.