Shared Compassion Leads Tony Petrello To Find Needs Within Texas Community

The World Health Organization has estimated that over one billion people will ultimately have some type of a neurological disease and need extensive treatment. This statistic is very personal to Tony Petrello and his wife Cynthia Petrello.

Tony Petrello is the Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Nabors Industries LTD, a global oil and drilling company based in Houston, Texas. His career began as an Attorney when he was Managing Partner with a prestigious law firm in New York City. As the leader of Nabors Industries LTD, Tony has earned a very comfortable salary. In 2015, he was one of the highest compensated CEO’s in the world with a compensation package that was valued at $27 million.

Following the cerebral palsy diagnosis of their premature daughter, Tony and Cynthia sought treatment and research within the state of Texas only to discover that it was very limited. Upon further investigating, they discovered other parents in similar situations in need of help to combat many different neurological diseases. Tony and Cynthia made a decision to donate $7 million to the Texas Children’s Hospital towards building a research center and advance the treatment opportunities for children like their daughter Carena and adults. Tony also serves on the Board of Trustees for the Texas Children’s Hospital and actively participates within the fundraising needs on behalf of the hospital.

Tony is an active philanthropist and has great compassion for others, evidenced by his service to the community. The Petrello Family Foundation was founded by Tony and Cynthia Petrello in 2001. They support the creative arts within Texas and several other needs within the community such as programs involving the research of the AIDS disease and to combat homelessness. In 2016, Tony and Cynthia helped fund the Museum of Fine Arts through donations that reached $1.85 million.

Tony was born and raised in Newark, New Jersey and graduated from Yale University with a Master’s Degree. He was well-known by college roommates and Professors as being a brilliant student. Tony chose to further his education by attending Harvard Law School where he received his J.D. Degree and later went to New York City in order to begin his career as an Attorney for the law firm Baker & McKenzie.

He was later sought for the role in leadership with Nabors Industries LTD earning him the reputation as a strategist and innovative leader. Tony’s leadership has helped Nabors Industries LTD create innovative technological advancements in the oil and drilling industry. In 2017, Tony and his leadership team successfully completed the acquisition of Tesco Corporation, an oilfield services company, using full stock value for the purchase. Nabors Industries LTD has $8 billion in assets.

David McDonald, The CEO with A Clear Vision for The Future

Even before getting to know more about David McDonald, the fact that he is the chief executive officer of OSI Group says a lot about him as a person. He is known for his laid-back attitude and most importantly, his mettle when it comes to the expansion of the OSI Group empire. He also believes in order – which runs from the lowest ranking OSI Group officials all the way to the top.

David McDonald’s journey of success begun back in 1983 when he enrolled Iowa state university and was part of the Alpha Gamma Rho Fraternity. Afterwards, Mr. McDonalds joined the OSI Group LLC back in 1987 and had led the company to its success for almost three decades. Even after he graduated, David McDonald has always shown a keen interest in the Iowa State University Network Alumni.

Apart from being a respected business acumen, David McDonald has also been known for the following skills: budgeting, mergers, supply chains, sales management, dairy, marketing strategy, food industry, income statement, manufacture, and inventory management, team building.

And it is because of possessing such skills that he has managed to boost this privately owned company into in the category of the elite companies. OSI Group has its headquarters in Aurora, III, and deals in the provision of value-added protein items. With over 50 facilities spread out in 17 countries, it is clear as day that OSI Group is a force to be reckoned with.

And owing to their remarkable quality, they have had huge contracts providing quality products to reputable companies such as McDonald’s, Saizeria, Papa John’s, Subway, and Burger King just to mention a few. OSI Group also invests in state of the art machinery including X-ray detectors that help them see foreign particles in their products, hence the high quality.

David McDonald has made sure that the company he leads offers customized services. That way, everything that they do. For instance, the OSI Group branch in China isn’t operated in the same way that the American branch is run. Each of the branches, irrespective of where they are, have local management teams that are concerned with researching what the locals want and providing them with customized services. For more info about us: click here.

Instead, the modus operandi in China always works with how the Chinese work. And it is such kind of operation that has seen the OSI Group grow hand in hand with China’s increasing economic power over the past two decades.

Taking a stroll with Glen Wakeman

Have you ever heard about Glen Wakeman? I bet you have. Born in 1968, Glen Wakeman is a man that has led a life worth emulating. Today, Glen is renowned for being a financial services executive, a small business owner, an investor, executive mentor, board member, as well as a public company Chief Executive Officer. In a nutshell, Glen Wakeman is one of the greatest when it comes to running any business.

From the get-go, Glen Wakeman has built his reputation creating robust businesses out of five strategies that happen to have been tested and refined by time. By paying much attention to corporate governance structures, risk management, human capital, leadership, and execution, Glen has ensured that corporations’ get catapulted in the direction of success.

Also, Glen Wakeman has built a robust reputation over the years developing M&As, creating newer and better performance methodologies, and developing guidance strategies for start-ups. Through Wakeman’s BS in Economics and MBA in Finance, he has been able to spearhead greatness in everything he touches. Apart from working for many companies, Glen has also created the Nova Four from the ground up.

Some of the companies that have employed Glen Wakeman in the past include GE Capital. Presently, Glen Wakeman is the Chief Executive Officer at LaunchPad Holdings LLC (LinkedIn). Above all, Wakeman has assumed the responsibility of CEO at SAAS, another corporation he helped create back in 2015.

Wakeman’s innovativeness has gone a long way to helping businesses, as well as their employees, succeed in equal measure. As a writer, Glen Wakeman has never shied away from sharing his knowledge on running businesses with the rest of the world. Through regular blog posts, Wakeman has availed his knowledge on strategy, emerging markets, international and fiscal matters, as well as management and administration to the many interested parties evenly distributed across the geographical space.

In the forty-nine years that Glen Wakeman has been part and parcel of this world, he has been most fortunate of living in six different countries, an opportunity that has enabled him to interact with people from various traditions and cultures.

Roberto Santiago, the Legend

Roberto Santiago, the renowned investor, and entrepreneur started from scratch. In fact, he was not among the people, who were educated by their parents up to the university level. Roberto put himself through tertiary education when he enrolled in Pio Marxist College and later the University Center at Joao Pessoa. Roberto pursued a business diploma in the former and a business administration-finance major course in the latter. He gained sufficient knowledge and before completing the course, he opened his first business venture called café Santa Rosa.

Roberto proceeded to finish his course as he ran his business. Café Santa Rosa was a source of success as it grew in size and income and the savings thereby were used to open a manufacturing company. The cartonnage company launched by Roberto dealt with producing cartons and other utility products. The profitability was very high, causing the firm to expand even further as many branches were opened across Brazil. The company also made profits because consumers who bought in large quantities became return customers and referred others. Roberto says that the cartonnage firm was the turning point of his life. He saved so much from the venture that he was able to buy the large land on which Manaira Shopping Mall stands.

After two years of purchasing the land, Roberto launched the mall as he had used the extra savings to construct the structure. The mall marked a new level of success for Roberto since it attracted people from the entire country and tourists from other regions of the world. Roberto had a vision of making Manaira a place where customers would get all types of products under one roof. True to the expectation, Manaira has all types of businesses ranging from banks, colleges, casinos, food boutiques, theaters, stadiums, gaming zones, beauty parlors, spas, and barbershops. All these incorporate the latest state of the art structures, and the excellence in quality makes them superior to their competitors.

Other than offering many products under one roof, Roberto Santiago also desired to offer an artistic feeling to the people. Roberto is a highly artistic person, who has actively been involved in literature, script writing, and movie directing. At the same time, he has also been used to the blog posts writing and sports, a factor that makes him very artistic and sporty. The mall holds many artistic structures such as the stadiums and theaters mentioned above. The above help people relax from their normal schedules, and according to Roberto, it makes them more productive.

Roberto also wanted to offer luxury to the people so that they can get a feel that is different from their daily hustle. That too was achieved, as most of the features at Manaira are highly luxurious.


Anthony Petrello, The Brilliant CEO At Nabors

America surely is the land of dreams with a number of companies that have blossomed here. In the midst of all their diverse companies are the CEOs that run the show and make sure that their businesses are heading in right direction. Anthony Petrello is one CEO who has managed to stand out among the pool of leaders who run companies. He is the founder of Nabors, which is one of the biggest businesses in America in the oil and petroleum sector. He is considered to be an excellent leader to the company who has helped Nabors tremendously, establishing them as the successful industry leader that they are today.

Nabors is a company that first started its operations in 1968. The company is one of the largest producers of oil and natural gas in the entire country. The company also offers a number of drilling operations in the country. The company currently operates out of their headquarters in Texas and offers services not just within the country, but outside as well. The company has its drilling sites across the entire world and in various places across the Middle East and also in Africa. The company has made their mark on the oil industry by being at the forefront of all the companies in America and also boasts of some of the biggest fleets in the entire country. Nabors currently owns around five hundred oil fleets which they use to carry out all their operations.

Even though it may seem like Anthony Petrello now has a good grasp of the business, he did not spend his entire professional career in oil industry. Before working for Nabors Industries, Anthony Petrello was a lawyer who worked at a firm known as Baker and McKenzie. The company offers a range of legal solutions to companies within the country. The clients who Anthony Petrello served came from a variety of different fields and sectors. It was while working as a lawyer that Anthony Petrello encountered Nabors Industries for the very first time. The company had come to his law firm to seek legal aid, and Anthony Petrello was put on the case. He worked closely with the company, helping them in whatever way that he good. He had such a good experience working with Nabors Industries that he decided to switch over and work for them full time. After joining the company, he slowly made his way up the ranks to ultimately reach the position that he currently is in today.

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Marc Sparks to Give

Marc Sparks is known for his avid contributions and for giving no less than the very best of himself to today’s modern culture with its many expediencies and needs: He is known as a giver all around and not really a taker; in fact, he has given to countless varied organizations to show his support and love, making mention that he is only a servant of God who has been blessed with many riches in his lifetime. He notes that the greatest joy of all lies in giving those riches back into the community and thus enriching lives while even bringing a few into eternity. Marc is an avid Christian as well who firmly holds to the commandments and teachings of Jesus Christ, especially as they regard giving and receiving: Marc believes that those who receive more ought to then give more; what comes around goes around, after all. Learn more:


Marc did not come from money, nor is he all about it in how he deals with his business and his giving. He holds that money can be a gift from God, one to give God thanks for while using it properly toward the further benefit of mankind. Marc believes that we as earth dwellers must also take care of this beautiful planet that God has bestowed upon us, all while loving it and nurturing it into generations to come. Marc is a believer in Creation, holding that what God created in the beginning is to be both respected and treated with the utmost of care; when you have a leader that is as genuinely rooted in the faith and in love for others, in combination with his talents and experiences that are uniquely out of this world, you are bound to get a good final result – that result is Marc Sparks. Learn more:


Marc has already written many books and continues in plans to write several more this year alone. Marc has taught in conferences and seminars as well. Marc even holds his own blog, in which he shares his victories, his losses, his joys, his struggles, his friends and family and so much more. is the best place to go to find out more on this matter. Did you also know that Marc also works with Habitat for Humanity, which he holds as one of his top go-to organizations when seeking to do some good?


He has also worked with Carpenters for Christ on many occasions and simply loves what this organization is all about. He has shared much with Carpenters for Christ. Carpenters for Christ has also shared much with him; he holds that he is always learning along the way and that he’s the one most blessed. Learn more:


There Is No Rest For A Visionary

Adam Milstein achieved success in real estate by learning the intricate ways of the business. It takes a long time to earn money in a slow-moving industry. Adam developed a love for the characteristics of a business that requires patience and savvy. He had his first taste of real estate from his father who was a developer in Israel. Adam worked for his father and served in the Israeli military.

He managed to earn a Bachelor’s degree in his homeland and decided to move to the United States. Adam arrived in California with his wife and family. He studied at the University of Southern California and obtained a Master’s degree in Business Administration. Adam looked to apply the degree to Corporate America.

However, he was not satisfied by the types of offers he was getting from the companies recruiting him. He made a bold move and ventured out on his own as a real estate broker. Over time Adam learned the tricks of the trade and eventually became an investor in real estate. He is now a managing partner at Hagar Pacific Properties.

Adam Milstein had a vision at a very early age. He began working on it and did not allow himself to be distracted. Because of this Adam feels like he has never had a bad job. He has always been in the process of pushing towards the goals he sought for himself and his family. Adam and his wife founded the Adam and Mila Milstein Family Foundation as a way to reach out to those in need of the knowledge they have to offer. Philanthropy is very important to Adam Milstein at this point in his career. It makes all of his success in business more satisfying. The Adam and Mila Milstein Family Foundation focuses on educating people in the Jewish community. The organization works hard to strengthen the bond between Jewish Americans and the country of Israel. The foundation is run in the same manner as Adam’s business operations. It is important to understand how every aspect of the organization affects the participants that are involved.

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How investors could gain a lot more initiative and return funds

Investing a staggering $1 million into a respected charity fund, Warren Buffet claims that the returns of his investment will be a whole lot greater than that of an investment of a S&P 500 index fund, which has a historically vast return rate throughout the years. A lot of mutual funds give off a poor return credibility having a lot to do with high management fees and excessive trading. Vice versa, the volatility risks and opportunity funds of what would be invested into passive income are generally lower than they should be or not at all known.

Although trillions of dollars have gone into the passive income industry, only half of the dozens of hundreds of investors interviewed by CNBC last year were mindful of that index funds reveal every single volatility and depreciation during market downturns.Reportedly, someone who would hypothetically invest that amount into five of the best active funds within the American Funds would have gotten a bigger and better return. Getting rid of all of the expensive funds and the finding fund managers who invest tons of the income they earn along with the investors in their caliber will ultimately equal certain fund managers who have constantly outdone their work in the invest business in an average time.

Furthermore, Timothy D. Armour is a Los Angeles, California based chairman of Capital Group Companies, as well as chairman and principal and executive officer Capital research and management company. Having over three decades of investment experience with Capital Group, Tim Armour is a successful highly respected business man. Tim Armour started his long lasting and much credited occupation at Capital Group as a member in The Associates Program. He graduated with an astounding bachelor’s degree in economics at Middlebury College.In addition, Tim Armour has exclaimed as to why investors do not need to settle for index funds under the use of plain correspondence as well as samples of old investments under American Funds.

Eric Lefkofsky, the Philanthropist

He is the co-founder and also the CEO of Tempus, a company that aims to put in place databases that calibrate cancer treatment. According to him, to fight cancer successfully, the doctors will have to get a data bank that will avoid confusion in the treatment and give a clear picture of cancer patients.The patient information is required in the sector and is available. There is little resources that will combine genomic data and therapeutic information. Eric has been observing this and brought it into the light at the Fortune Brainstorm Health Conference in San Diego.In the conference, he stated the need of having molecular, therapeutic and outcome response data will give a clue on how the treatment works so that it can be seen if efficient or not. The genetic information will not be taken into strict consideration.

The scientists are doing a breast cancer research with patients using Herceptin and looking for a reason as to why 40% percent respond to it. They should make an effort to know why the 60% do not respond. Are they diabetic or use a counter-drug that does not conform with the Herceptin. The people looking for data on the drug will have a hard time getting data. They would be told to wait for a long period of 90 days and yet if the data was uploaded in the health system it was going to make work easier.Eric was then compelled to come up with the Tempus when the wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. He said that it would be easier to find a drug that is effective if the data is combined and compared among the patients. It will help solve the cancer problem that is killing a lot of people.

His company will build a better version of the electronic medical record EMR that will combine a fresh data and feed the clean version back to the source so that it can validate and verify information. Oncologists and neurological doctors will have a base to start treatment by helping Research scientists in finding personalized vaccines using this data.Lefkofsky’s philanthropy is evident in other sectors like arts and culture, education and human rights.

TechStyle Group And How It Operates

In March of 2010 Adam Goldberg and Don Ressler co-founded the fashion oriented TechStyle Group in El Segundo, California. TechStyle Group is the parent company of a collection of online fashion retailers. To date they operate JustFab, Fabletics, FabKids, Shoedazzle, and P.S. by JustFab. In 2011 they brought in Kimora Lee Simmons as President and Creative Director of the company.

TechStyle has brought in funding from 6 rounds so far. The company is one of the very few successful startups that is called a unicorn due to it bringing in more than $1 billion in venture funding. Some of the large investor that have funded TechStyle includes Passport Special Opportunity Fund, Matrix Partner, Shining Capital, and Trinity Capital Investment. Adam Goldberg commented that he believes the company has an opportunity to build TechStyle into a $3 to $5 billion dollar company. The company generated $400 million in revenue in 2014 and increased that to $500 million in 2015. In addition, the company has been profitable in every month which generally doesn’t happen at a start-up. Goldberg also indicated that they are eyeing an IPO in the not too distant future.

The online websites run on a subscription basis. Membership costs $39.95 and while joining the customer fills out an online survey in order to determine what fashions they prefer. At the beginning of every month the customers personal stylist selects an outfit based on those preferences. The customer can at that point either accept the chosen outfit, pick out their own, or opt out of the month for no charge.

JustFab and Fabletics are also operated as all-inclusive brands. Not long ago they launched an “All Size” collection in order to fit every body type. In a statement, Don Ressler said that they want every woman to feel confident in her clothing, and that was where the idea for the “All Size” collection came from. He also said that #FABforAll would offer trendy clothes and styles to more women in a broad range of sizes.