Lime Crime Cosmetics Pops Up Unexpected Colors Again

Lime Crime, a cosmetic company geared to younger people has introduced some new products to its shiny, bright and shimmery line. They are known for some unconventional colors such as blue lipstick and very bright colored eye shadows and eye liners.


Women in their teens and twenties are their marketing demographic and they love the fun products and the creative ways they can play with the shades.


Lime Crime added three new shades to its lipstick line in 2016. They are brilliant colored metallic lipstick shades to coincide with the metallic lip beauty trend popping up everywhere. The colors introduced, like their other products, have fun and inspiring names. There’s Cleopatra, a rose gold shade, Acid Fairy, a holographic multi-tonal shade and Black Unicorn, a shiny dark color reminiscent of an oil slick.


Lime Crime promises to add hair dye to their fun collection of cosmetic products. Expected to be available in April 2017, these colors are not timid. The 11 Unicorn hair dye shades will be bold, no surprise here for Lime Crime. The colors will include Strawberry Jam, Mermaid, a teal ocean blue, and several other greens, blues and bright reds. Prices for the hair dye will be $16 per bottle.


Several beauty magazines and blogs are featuring the bold hair dye that some lucky users have had the opportunity to experiment with. And that they did. Many created true unicorn looks by using several colors on various parts of their hair creating rainbows and other fun, inspiring and creative color combinations.


Lime Crime’s bold reputation is not diminishing and is certainly loved by its fans and users.

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