Hair Care Mistakes You Should Never Commit

Your hair should receive special care if you want it to remain healthy and glowing. However, many people make simple mistakes that render their efforts to care for their hair futile. It is necessary to acknowledge the fact that human hair is a delicate part of our bodies that should be handled carefully and only acceptable methods of care should be applied.

Everyone wants to look beautiful so it can be assumed that the mistakes people make while trying to care for their hairs are not deliberate. If you are not aware of such mistakes, here are several you should avoid to keep your hair healthy and young.

Don’t be a cleaning freak

You may think cleaning your hair daily or more frequently makes it better but in reality you are destroying it. This only gets rid of healthy oils, thereby rendering your hair lifeless and lackluster. If you have to clean it frequently, then use mild conditioners and a lot of water.

Haphazard conditioning

Conditioning is a process that requires a lot of care, so you should not just attempt things before you understand what your hair needs. If you have fine hair, consider conditioning its roots as well since these are the parts that are more likely to break. Additionally, ensure while conditioning you rinse the hair thoroughly until the water after rinsing comes out clear.

Failure to brush before washing

When the hair gets wet it also becomes weak and will easily tangle. To prevent the formation of snarls, you should brush the hair before cleaning. After cleaning, use a wide-toothed comb then rinse.

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Avoid Toxic Lip Balms

Believe it or not, there are a cavalcade of cosmetic compounds used in some lip balms that are actually proven toxic. Two of those compounds are parabens and petrolatum. Consequently, these two compounds are often used in cut-rate lip balm across the world. To avoid being compromised by such poison, it’s advisable to always read the ingredients label on any cosmetic solution before you buy.
With lip balms especially, you want a non-toxic option that uses natural substances. The lips are a prominent feature of the body and often a level other individuals use in gauging attractiveness. If yours are swollen or dehydrated, it’s going to be noticeable, and leave a psychological impression of the negative variety on those who see them.

Lips should be smooth and soft–and the slightest bit wet, if there’s some heat in the air. They shouldn’t be swollen with collagen or dry with neglect. But life is difficult, and sometimes you need to recover. One way to do that is finding a lip balm like Evolution of Smoothness’ (EOS lip balm) new Active Protection balm. It comes in a spherical applicator, and is designed for dry lips that result either biologically or environmentally.

Additionally, EOS has several other organic lines of lip balm which include Shimmer Smooth and Visibly Soft. Shimmer Smooth ( sends a sensuous message, while Visibly Soft is inviting, but not too inviting.

All of EOS’ products feature natural compounds. For example, in their lip balms is jojoba oil, shea butter, and Vitamin E. These balms aren’t only available on ULTA in the spherical shape, there are also stick options and multipacks.

If you want your lips to be at their healthiest, you want to use products which are designed to keep them that way, and without any toxic chemical compounds directing their effectiveness. EOS has made this safe and effective balm. Visit the website