Brad Reifler’s Top Tips for Safe Investments

Making money in the world of investments can be an arduous task that most people never end up prepared for. That is why people like Brad Reifler and companies like Forefront Capital exist. Brad Reifler has been working in the investment world for decades now and the majority of those years have been spent working with elite investors. Recently, Brad Reifler has made it a focus point of his to begin helping out the ‘99% of investors’ that are ignored: the everyday investors. Reifler released a list of tips to help investors, as can be seen on Reuters.

The first step to finding success with investments, according to Reifler, is having a solid heading on why you are investing. Knowing what your investment objective is will allow you to set the tone of your investments: how aggressive you need to be and how conservative you can get away with being.

Once you know the end game of your investment plan you can begin to study how to do it carefully. Investments are innately risky and Reifler understands this. So in order to combat rash decisions Reifler heavily suggests that you carefully consider every risk, charge, and expense that you might come across with potential investments. You want to know what you are working with from the perspective of your assets as well as the perspective of a potential investment.

Finally, Brad Reifler is completely against just dumping all of your money into the stock market. The stock market isn’t something that you can weather a storm on when you are first starting out.

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  • Avoid putting all of your money straight into the stock market and instead focus on developing a relationship with a manager to work your funds. You will want to know what your objective is in the long run. The rule of thumb is this is that could get everything they would ever had.

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