About End Citizens United’ Primary Objective

As the name goes, End Citizens United is an agency committed to clearing the vices in America’s electoral system. Their main focus is to impact finance management in particular. They collaborate with like-minded donors who primarily fund their initiatives. It is unfortunate that the Supreme Court gave rise to super PACs in their 2010 decision in Citizen United. That decision has since affected U.S politics because of allowing black in the political field. End Citizens United is devoted to reversing the decision by all means. As such, the agency is set to elect leaders supporting campaign finance reforms. They are working towards ending Citizens United as it is the root of all evil in the electoral system.



Ways Through Which the Political Action Raises Funds



It prospected that before 2018 congressional midterm elections the agency will have raised $35 million. Many people came out to support the endeavor. Most of them were giving for their first time, a sign that End Citizens United is continually gaining prevalence. Donald Trump’s win came as a bombshell to the Democrats, hence significantly adding to their momentum in fighting back against his picks. The Republicans have purposed not to relent in their move towards ensuring a corruption-free America. The good thing is that many people are learning about it and are subscribing to their activities. Wealthy arrogant people like the Koch brothers attacked some people, and all the victims have joined hands with End Citizens United in kicking out such people.



Details About End Citizens United Administration



Tiffany Muller serves as the executive director and president of the agency. When joining End Citizens United, Muller knew she was committed to pushing for significant reforms through her platform. In her first trimester, Tiffany significantly improved growth of the startup by growing it with over 3 million members. Tiffany has an impressive record in her administrative duties. Before joining End Citizens United, she served at Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee as the deputy political director. Her academic profile is equally impressive, which improves her leadership qualities quite extensively.



Co-Workers with Tiffany



Matt Burgess is an amazing political figure who has been in the industry for over 15years. He acts as the vice president of End Citizens United where he has proved to be of unmatched value. He has severally won Senate and gubernatorial campaigns, implying he is well informed. Jody Murphy is the other force to reckon in End Citizens United. He takes prides in his experience of over ten years in state legislative causes. Serving as a political director in the agency fits his capabilities quite perfectly. Mentioned are just some of the leaders. There are also other pillars like Adam Bozzi, Rajan Narang, Jordan Wood, Erin Fyffe, Devan Barber among others.