4 Ways Jason Hope Is Defining The Future

For Jason Hope, the biggest thing in tech right now is the rise of the Internet of Things. Often confused for our actual internet, IoT focuses on the way devices can generate and share data with each other. A toaster, for instance, might share data with an oven or refrigerator. Hope believes this technology will allow us a level of automation in our homes and businesses never before seen. We will streamline our daily routines and focus on only the most important tasks.

The No Power WiFi Revolution

As for the actual internet itself, Jason Hope believes we will one day set off a revolution with something known as no power wifi. Currently wifi enabled devices require considerable amounts of power in order to run. In order to make wifi much more affordable for the vast majority of people, scientists are currently working on ways to provide wifi while using much lower levels of power than we currently do today. The success of no power wifi will have an impact on many aspects of our lives. For example, We will consume less energy and by extension produce less pollution.

The End Of Aging

Aging, according to Jason Hope, isn’t a natural part of life we need to accept. In his eyes, aging is in fact a disease and we need to find a cure for it. That’s why Hope has invested in the SENS Foundation. Focusing on developing strategies for engineering negligible senescence, or SENS, this institute is devoted to the study of ways to slow down, prevent, and even reverse aging. The biggest entrepreneurs in tech are currently backing the SENS institute with names like Elon Musk leading the pack. Jason Hope is not alone in this by any means.

Predictions For The Future

As a tech entrepreneur, Jason Hope centers his life around making accurate predictions about the future. He must choose which startups are likely to succeed and which startups he should not invest in. His role as a futurist, someone who predicts the future, is a natural extension of that line of thinking. The predictions he creates aren’t simply educated guesses or hunches. He has invested great amounts of time and energy into identifying trends and he gives us a sort of preview into what lives we will live in the not so distant future.

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