Omar Yunes Brought Best Franchisee of the World – 2015 Award to Mexico

Omar Yunes brought the Best Franchisee of the World -2015 or BFW Award to Mexico through his Sushi Itto franchisee, Mexicano. The competition took place on Dec. 5, 2015, in Florence, Italy, and the voting committee considered his unit’s contributions to the brand it collaborates. Currently, his franchise holds 13 outlets that represent almost 10% of the total units the brand has. Interestingly, Yunes’ franchises are covering all the major cities in the country including Puebla, Mexico City, and Veracruz. Omar said that he was delighted with the achievement, and he was just a representative of the hard work of almost 400 employees from 13 units. He also thanked Sushi Itto for the brand’s support for innovation.


The BFW edition was participated by brands from 34 countries including Brazil, Portugal, Hungary, Italy, Argentina, Mexico, and France. Each franchise is evaluated based on the parameters such as the unit’s contributions to the network, the amount of influence it created on the network, the motivation of employees, total number of improvements, and the saving that are implemented in the network. For making the parameters uniform, the BFW edition did not consider the brand as a benchmark for the competition. Benjamin Cancelmo, the Chief Executive Officer of Sushi Itto, said that it was a recognition for the joint effort done by the brand and the unit in providing great flavor and hospitality combined with excellent service. Per Diego Elizarrarrás, the event organizer of BFW Mexico, it was an indication of a strong sector that created its own space in international level overcoming the days of Mexican franchises was considered as a regional issue.


Omar Yunes is a young entrepreneur and investor with strong leadership skills and has a DNA for innovation. He started his entrepreneurship when he opened the first franchise unit of Japanese fast food chain at the age of 21. Omar is a strong proponent of world-class customer experience and helped him to make the franchise one of the most successful business units in the country. Earlier, his unit won the Mexican version of BFW competition on November 24, and that helped the unit to participate in world final of the contest.

Using Securus Technologies to Help with Cold Cases

The most frustrating part of being a police officer is trying to solve a cold case before every possible resource is exhausted. We already had a suspect behind bars on a serious crime, but we knew he was involved in others that were not yet proven to be connected to him. He was about to finish serving a very light sentence, and I knew once he got out he would be long gone so we could never hold him responsible for the cold cases.


We had tried just about everything, and the clock was ticking before he was released with no new breaks in those cold cases. Even though the suspected admitted to being involved, due to a technicality, his admission was wiped clean from the records. It was my job to try and connect him to the cases before he was sprung.


Since I had tried to get everyone to talk and could not find any of the evidence in this case, I decided to try one last option. Securus Technologies installed an inmate call system in the fail this inmate was housed, and I decided to get trained on the LBS software to see if I could listen in when he talked on the phone to his family.


During one of his calls to his brother, he was very agitated about the brother not doing something his brother had asked. I was able to decipher that the inmate was desperately trying to tell his brother in coded words to get the evidence he hid and destroy it before the investigators stumbled upon it. When I raced to that location, we had a crime scene team completely strip the place to the ground, and found the evidence we needed to keep this inmate from ever getting out of the jail again thanks in part to the Securus Technologies call system.