Squaw Valley Fights Contaminated Water Supply

In the course of routine testing, Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows discovered the presence of E. coli and coliform bacteria in the water supply at Squaw Valley’s upper mountain. This contamination occurred after heavy storms hit the area, affecting a recently upgraded water supply system. They immediately contacted the Placer County Department of Environmental Health to report the issue.


Liesl Kenney, who represents Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows, insists that only one water system was affected. The contaminated water was not given to the public and no health issues have been reported. He further states that they have consulted with water safety experts to fix the problem.


Since the discovery, the water has been continuously treated to combat the bacteria. Three of the wells that provide water to the area now show no signs of E. coli and significantly lowered levels of coliform bacteria. The fourth well used in the upper mountain area is still being aggressively treated.


According to Kenney, Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows is committed to fixing the water issue and protecting their guests. Until the water is safe to drink, upper mountain restaurants will remain closed. The slopes are open, though skiers are limited to bottled water only, which Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows is providing for free. Pre-packaged food is also available.


To keep guests informed of the problem, notices have been posted. Other than the water issue, the full facilities and amenities are open as usual to guests. Squaw Valley’s pristine slopes are still safe to ski, and the beauty of the upper mountain area in Lake Tahoe remains unchanged.


Todd Lubar Makes Mortgage Lending Easy to Undeserved Groups

Todd Lubar always knew he was going to become a successful real estate and finance expert; the only question was how. With an unparalleled ambition, wit and a genuine heart to help people, today he is one of the most sort-after private mortgage lenders in America.

Todd’s journey into real estate began when he took the position of a loan originator while working with Crestar Mortgage Corporation. He quickly mastered the art of conservative mortgage banking while developing strong relationships with real estate agents, financial planners, CPAs and insurance agents. With a steady list of business contacts that doubled as referrals, it was time for Mr. Lubar to take the next step.

When he secured a job as an equity agent at Legacy Financial Group, Todd was excited of the new challenge. It not only meant venturing deeper into the business of loan brokerage, it opened him up to international exposure. Todd secured several mortgage loans for outside real estate investors according him the prestigious position of a direct mortgage banker. Having accomplished this phase of his career, it was time for Todd to venture into his real passion.

Todd noticed that the mortgage loan market had a huge percentage of individuals who could not secure loans through the conventional lending criteria. This prompted him to open his own company, Legendary Properties LLC, to come to the rescue of this undeserved group. Todd Lubar managed to secure over 200, and more, in loan transactions form both single and multi-family property owners. Quite a milestone achievement one would say, but Todd felt he could do more.

This urge to help others prompted him to open his second company, Charter Funding which operated under the larger First Magnus Finance Corporation. His affiliation with this major and private mortgage lender opened new doors to expand his reach into the mortgage market and helped more unprivileged people. His business portfolio catapulted to over 7,000 transactions in successfully secured loans. Check out his personal website at toddlubar.com.

Besides real estate and finance, Todd Lubar has also invested in other industries like trading in automotive scrap metal and commercial demolition. Today, Todd holds the position of Senior VP at Priority Financial Services LLC, a Maryland based firm.

More information on Mr. Todd Lubar available on his spokeo.com and Tumblr page.
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