New Jersey dentist spearheads Operation Smile campaign

New Jersey dentist Avi Weisfogel has launched a campaign to help Operation Smile bring the gift of reconstructive surgery to thousands of children throughout the world who suffer from birth deformities like cleft lip and cleft palate. This is just the latest drive Weisfogel has initiated in the service of worldwide charity for kids. The surgeries not only give kids a chance at a normal life, they are often life-saving, as third world countries often lack even basic medical care and the facial deformities can quickly lead to infections, malnutrition and quickly worsening general health.

A career of helping others

Dr. Weisfogel is best known as the dentist who transformed the practice of dentistry and sleep medicine by combining the two disciplines in a way which has opened new frontiers for patients and dentists alike. Through his seminar compnay, Dental Sleep Masters, he’s brought the newly formed discipline of sleep dentistry to an entire generation of dentists, combating the scourge of sleep apnea and saving lives in the process.

Prior to that, Dr. Weisfogel ran his own private dental practice, Old Bridge Dentistry, for over a decade. Quickly gaining a reputation as one of the most skilled practitioners in Central New Jersey, Dr. Weisfogel grew his practice to stratospheric heights.

But recently the accomplished man of medicine has turned his attention to the ongoing epidemics of childhood illnesses which have laid waste to the third world. Many of these diseases are highly treatable with simple interventions.

Dr. Wiesfogel has zeroed in on the problems of cleft lip and cleft palate because they represent some of the most tractable illnesses that continue to pose serious mortality risk to small children worldwide. Through his fundraising efforts on behalf of Operation Smile, he has brought the miracle of reconstructive surgery to thousands of children across the globe. In 2014 alone, Weisfogel’s efforts helped Operation Smile potentially save the lives of 13,000 children.

Weisfogel is already planning his next major charity drive. These have proven so successful that Dr. Weisfogel has been recognized as a crucial part of Operation Smile’s international funding apparatus.



The Struggles Of Change

Bruce Levenson is the former principal member of Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment. The group owned the Atlanta Hawks of the National Basketball Association before approving the sale of the team to Tony Ressler. Levenson and his business partners faced several challenges in transitioning the ownership of the team to the new management group. The previous owners were seeking a significant price for the basketball organization. There was also internal matters that took attention away from the business that needed to be conducted.

Danny Ferry was the general manager of the team during this period of Time. Ferry was relieved of his duties and accused the team of wrongful termination. The actions of the former general manager forced Levenson and his business partners to get involved with a legal settlement in order to resolve the matter. An agreement was eventually reached and the owners were able to move forward with the process of selling the team.

Levenson entered the legal process with Danny Ferry believing that his expenses were covered by an insurance policy held with AIG. AIG did not participate in any of the negotiations involving the team’s former general manager. The insurance company also did not acknowledge that the insurance policy was triggered by any of the actions related to the process. Levenson decided to sue AIG. He claimed breach of contract and insisted that the insurance company acted in bad faith. Bruce Levenson and AHBE are seeking to recoup money spent on the legal expenses that were exhausted in the difficult case with the former general manager. The payout costs the former ownership group a significant amount.

The lawsuit took place outside of the business dealings of selling the team. Tony Ressler and the new ownership group are not implicated in any of the legal accusations brought by the previous owners. This article can be sourced from Wikipedia.

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Hotel Copa Star? Or Hospital Copa Star?

Being at a hospital is usually never a good feeling for some, but the game is being changed on Copacabana de Figueiredo Street, in Rio de Janerio in a rare hospital called, “Copa Star.” They have taken it upon themselves to provide a 5-star hospital that provides the comfort of a state of the art hotel.

One of the things that set this hospital apart from other hospitals besides its beautiful features is the integrity in a place of healing on Most people refuse to go to the hospital because of its lack of comfort- the uncomfortable chairs and beds can make being sick feel even worse. The units that they have created for patients to stay in has been integrated with the latest style with a five-star restaurant- so no more icky hospital food for you! Recovery has never been so enjoyable. The Hospital Copa Star is an option to anyone who would like to receive top of the line doctors and medical services.

At Hospital Copa Star, they are specialized in offering patients the most realistic and easy going, while medical procedures are usually filled with complexities in Neurosurgery and Cardiac arrest surgery- Copa Star is using the most advanced innovative techniques, that ensure the best experience possible. The Copa star Hospital is a rather large hospital that is fully stocked with the necessities of complete care and patient satisfaction. Other things that Copa Star offers that most hospitals lack are the passion for truly caring and focusing on the patient and their families. The medical professional team at Copa Star have all been trained for several hours and are showing constant progression in improvement. This guarantees the best possible care to all of the patients. They have the most up to date equipment that is required in all of their medicinal practices. All of their doctors are trained physicians whose main goal on is to ensure that the patient is comfortable and completely satisfied with the medical procedures that they had experienced. The Copa Star hotel makes all other hotels look shameful.

Copa Star is all about bringing you and your loved ones the comfort that you crave so badly when you’re at a local hospital. There is nothing worse than being sick, and sitting in an uncomfortable chair for countless hours waiting to be seen, with a television that is on the news channel for entertainment. Copa Star’s whole vision is to bring patients the comfort of being in an exclusive 5-star hotel of the arts while you’re going through a tough situation. Unless you are a doctor or are going in for a check up or to visit an ill family member, nobody comes to the hospital just for fun. After seeing the exclusive and top of the line Copa Star, you might wish that you were sick so you could experience this level of extreme pleasure during your sick days.

Providing Better Marketing Strategies with Wealth Solutions

Wealth Solutions is a corporate that is situated in Austin, Texas. The investments company has been able to grow because of their clients, they assist them and provide sufficient resources through providing them with better services. Richard Blair is the founder of the company he is an entrepreneur who specifies in finance, he has a lot of experience because he has been in the field for a long time. Through his knowledge he has earned various types of certificates including CFS, CAS, CES and RCIP. The organization is totally detailed as an investment consultant firm.

Similar too many other companies Wealth Solutions that deals with finances has their own major essentials features and principal in order to reach and satisfy their clients to achieve what they want. The company has three main pillars techniques that assist them to attain what the customers want. Every single client are adequately served therefore they are able to shorten the responsibilities of the company by accepting the client’s perception on their financial target.

Paying attention to what customers’ really want is the first pillar, once understanding the customers need the staff member serving him will be able to determine the goals, the danger, improvement chances and solid character of the client. It simplifies the work that’s being done because it will enable the staff to recognize precisely the work to be dealt with.

Instigating a long term tactic is the second pillar these helps to cover the investment wants of the client. The company makes sure that there is the availability of a constant market which assists in adjusting the investment aims of the customer. It also meant to confirm to the customer that their ideas will be accomplished greatly.

Both the second and the first pillars they are linked together by the third pillar. When the ideas of the clients are put down they instigate strategies to attain them, Richard Blair offers protection that entails the wants of the clients.

Richard Blair is a prosperous financial advisor who has backed up the establishment of numerous emerging businesses. Through seeing and learning from the environment he grew up in, it has assisted him to accomplish a lot therefore having 20-year knowledge in the field.

According to Bright Scope, since Richard Blair Wealth Solution was founded in the year 1994, it has delivered services that have no clash of interest and they are exposed to anyone, Richard Blair and the organization for a long time it has kept enhancing better solutions to assist their customers to develop.

Securus Technologies helps inmates and their families with Video Visitation Technology

Securus Technologies recently released a downloadable video application in January 2016. The software comes in the form of a mobile app that can be downloadable on any smart device. Anyone using Android, iPad, iPhone, tablets, Apple smartphones or computers can access the program. Friends and families have especially benefited from the video visitation program. The app is first downloaded from App Store or Google Play for free. Securus Technologies has been a communication and technology leader. It is a company that avails technology services and products to public safety and correction industries. The firm is spread to all states in the United States and thousands of correction facilities.


The main advantage of the video visitation program is that inmates can experience the daily family life. A father that is imprisoned can get to watch the lives of their children or spouses on a regular basis. The video visitation program is flexible to anyone that would like to use the system. It doesn’t put any limits such as children by not allowing their visits. Inmates can stay connected with their family members and build their relationships consistently.


While traditional visits had a few days to make the video visitation, the current video visitation program is possible on a daily basis. One can schedule a video visitation any time from morning to evening. The visitation program has increased the time and flexibility with which the program functions. Everyone in the correction facility can have enough time to talk with their loved ones. The visitation center has also reduced tension within correction facilities. In most times, correction facilities usually have long queues of people waiting to speak to their loved ones. The availability of the program eliminates congestion in correction facilities. It has removed the risk of violence in prisons caused by large crowds.


Richard A. Smith is the CEO of Securus Technologies. In a recent interview, he stated that the company has a vision to serve, connect, and to make the world a better place. The revolution with the video visitation program is achieving exactly that. It has increased chances of inmates to speak with their loved ones and advanced their rehabilitation steps. He added that it had reduced inmate movement leading to a greater degree of safety. Securus Technologies avails its services to more than 3,400 correction facilities in North America. The company provides other services such as incident management, public information, biometric analysis and investigation. The nature of service offered by the firm is there to make the world a safer place.



New, Improved, Unique Lip Balm EOS

Using regular chapstick is a thing of the past, and we are now looking at a new generation and look of this overly popular product. As these uniquely shaped products spread across shelves in beloved stores, like Well, Walmart and Walgreens, celebrities were beginning to be spotted pulling these balls out of their makeup bags. Now that they are the second best-selling lip balm in the country they feel that they can only grow from here with their natural and organic products.

EOS lip balm,, decided it was time to create a product that was unique and distinguishable from their 100-year-old predecessors, taking away from the tired and lazy appearance of tubes of chapstick. Research has indicated that these products were being used primarily by women on a regular basis, as part of their beauty routines. Since chapstick is marketed to everyone, it seemed that there needed to be a new market approach that appealed to women in fun, unique ways.

Now that they were beginning their marketing strategy, it was time to find a woman who was willing to take a chance on EOS lip balm – a new, unique, and daring product. After quite the struggle they were making enough products to fill shelves on some of the most popular drugstores in the country. After marketing the same way, other brands did they decided they needed to reach millennials on a whole new level with bloggers, sponsoring millennial celebrities, and building a huge social media presence on Facebook for themselves. In seven years, EOS has created a well-loved product that you can find in all large-scale stores and outsells its competition.

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A Closer Look at WEN Cleansing Conditioners

WEN is a very popular brand of hair care products. At the very core, WEN works to simplify hair care, as well as remove some of the potentially harmful sulfates that a lot of common shampoo products may contain. The company produces all of its products at the highest standards for customer satisfaction.

No animal testing is performed in the production of the WEN hair care products. The company also offers a sixty day money back guarantee. Customers are able to return their purchases if they find them unsatisfactory, even if their container has already been emptied.

WEN Cleansing Conditioners (@wenhaircare) allow users to get the benefits of five different hair care products, all in one. The cleansing conditioners cut out the need for shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler and leave in conditioner. A few different formulas are available for use, including sweet almond mint and pomegranate.

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The company boasts that WEN Cleansing Conditioners are the perfect solution for all types of hair, helping moisturize and strengthen without the harsh sulfates or unnecessary lather of many other brands of shampoo. The formula contains all natural ingredients that help hydrated and clean, without stripping hair of essential, natural oil. The effect is noticeably healthy-looking clean hair.

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