David Osio: Changing Life through Philanthropic Initiatives

Compassion is a virtue that David Osio holds closely to his heart. He has demonstrated his zeal to help solve grand challenges faced by both local and international charities through generous donations. He has committed his time to participating in the active management of programs of several nonprofits. Some of the foundations that focus on bettering people, promoting art, and preserving culture have received consistent donations from Osio.

Incorporation of global charities

After succeeding in supporting local nonprofits, David Osio is on a mission to include international foundations in his philanthropic funding. Serving in the orchestra Board has enabled him to finance the Miami Symphony Orchestra (MISO) for a couple of years. His joy is to see organizations that have benefited from his pragmatic leadership and donations achieve their goals.


Osio is the main sponsor of the EPK events organized by an international foundation known as The Children’s Orthopedic Foundation. He acknowledges that the medical research for kids is a critical specialty that deserves the attention of all people. He calls on all philanthropists across the globe to dedicate a portion of their donations to this cause. Osio funds other organizations such as the Miami-headquartered, Fundana Foundation, Saludarte Foundation of Art, UMA Foundation, and Wayuu Taya Foundation. He is a recipient of many global accolades and recognitions due to his commitment to making the world safe through charity work.

An outline of David Osio’ profile

David Osio is a financial veteran and respected philanthropist. His specialties range from tax and corporate planning, portfolio structuring and asset management, as well as banking services planning. He created the Davos Financial Group, a trusted financial advisory group consisting of independent firms. He has enabled the companies to enjoy dramatic growth utilizing his hands-on leadership abilities and business acumen. Thanks to David Osio, Davos’ income levels are on an upward trend, and the company has expanded its operations on a global scale. For instance, it has operational offices in cities like New York, Geneva, Lisbon, Panama City, and Miami.

Osio has worked tirelessly in developing an inclusive financial service company that provides well-thought and customized services that match with clients’ demands. These services are then provided through a group of independent and accredited companies. His main agenda is to ensure customers are receiving high-quality services and can easily access an investment platform. Osio has transformed Davos Financial Group into a Financial Boutique delivering specialized services via each of its independent and registered firms.

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Geoff Cone Contribution in New Zealand Foreign Trust Reputation.

New Zealand is one of the best and safe places to base your assets. This is because it is a stable jurisdiction with the well-regarded judiciary and solid legal and professional infrastructure. The country has never been and is not a tax haven. What are the features of tax havens? They do not impose tax and if they do nominal tax only, there is no transparency and the laws and procedure impede the exchange of information with other governments. New Zealand (NZ) was among the first countries to implement the tax standards that have been agreed internationally. The gesture earned it a place on the OECD white list.

The island nation demonstrates transparency in how it handles foreign trusts and the requirements placed on trustees. There are rules by Michael Cullen which dictates that a New Zealand resident trustee of a foreign trust should present Foreign Trust Disclosure forms and keep records for purposes of NZ tax. The records include details of trust’s assets and liabilities, trust deed, details of settlement and distribution, money that the trustee receives and spends and financial records. All files must be recorded in English and be kept in NZ.

New Zealand has double tax agreement totaling to 39 that are meant to assist in prevention of tax evasion and avoidance. It has an additional over 20 tax information exchange agreement with other nations. It has also signed a Convention on Mutual Administrative Assistance in Tax Matters. Most foreign trustees/ service providers in NZ are accountants and lawyers who are members of Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners. The lawyers and accountants have enhanced the reputation of NZ among taxation experts and OECD.

Geoffrey Cone is a New Zealand long-serving tax expert. He grew up in South Canterbury, NZ and attended the University of Otago for his LLB and post graduate diploma in trust and tax law. In 1980, he began practicing in Christchurch NZ. He practiced commercial litigation and also did tax and trust advisory. Cone worked as a litigator in British West Indies and later established Cone Marshall Limited in 1999. The law firm was the first in NZ to specialize in foreign trust and tax planning. Over the years, it has become the leader in offering trustee and trust management services.

Geoff Cone expertise includes international and domestic tax law, commercial litigation, trust law and banking law among others. He has been a contributing author to International Trusts Guide, World Trust Survey, Law of Offshore Jurisdiction and International Trust Disputes. Cone has published articles in New Zealand Law Journal and Trust and Trustees. He offers consultancy advice on tax planning, trust assets, trust management, tax treaties and mutual investment structures. His success story includes establishing investment trusts in the Bahamas, Bermuda and Dominican Republic. He is married to Sarah Cone, and he is famous for actively defending the New Zealand’s reputation with foreign trusts.

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Hair Care Mistakes You Should Never Commit

Your hair should receive special care if you want it to remain healthy and glowing. However, many people make simple mistakes that render their efforts to care for their hair futile. It is necessary to acknowledge the fact that human hair is a delicate part of our bodies that should be handled carefully and only acceptable methods of care should be applied.

Everyone wants to look beautiful so it can be assumed that the mistakes people make while trying to care for their hairs are not deliberate. If you are not aware of such mistakes, here are several you should avoid to keep your hair healthy and young.

Don’t be a cleaning freak

You may think cleaning your hair daily or more frequently makes it better but in reality you are destroying it. This only gets rid of healthy oils, thereby rendering your hair lifeless and lackluster. If you have to clean it frequently, then use mild conditioners and a lot of water.

Haphazard conditioning

Conditioning is a process that requires a lot of care, so you should not just attempt things before you understand what your hair needs. If you have fine hair, consider conditioning its roots as well since these are the parts that are more likely to break. Additionally, ensure while conditioning you rinse the hair thoroughly until the water after rinsing comes out clear.

Failure to brush before washing

When the hair gets wet it also becomes weak and will easily tangle. To prevent the formation of snarls, you should brush the hair before cleaning. After cleaning, use a wide-toothed comb then rinse.

About Wen By Chaz

Wen By Chaz is a QVC advertised online retail that stocks beauty products specifically targeting hair care and skin therapies. The company was established by Chaz Dean, whose love for photography led him to meet with several celebrities, who wanted to have the best hair care products. Wen By Chaz has won the hearts of many customers since the company offers unique products that are designed for different purposes.

Most of the people who buy from Wen hair By Chaz are Hollywood celebrities. Among the ladies, Chaz has earned a positive reputation for offering products that no other beauty company has managed to offer for decades.





The Announcement on Madison Street Capital’s Appearance in the 15th Annual M&A Advisor Awards

It is yet another year and another time for the 15th installment of the prestigious M&A awards. Madison Capital has been shortlisted to be among the finalists for the award in two main categories, which include the Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year as well as International and Industrial Firm of the Year. The announcement, originally posted at Benzinga, couldn’t have come at a better time since Madison Street Capital concluded the toughest of acquisition deals just months ago. The buying out of Acuna & Asociados by Dowco Company has made Madison Street Capital recognized for having facilitated the trans-boundary deal.

Two of the executive leaders of the Madison Capital group were able to be reached, and they both expressed their joy and satisfaction in their company’s success. Charles Botchway and Karl D’Cunha who are the company’s CEO and Managing Director respectively, freely shared on the amount of dedication they have plowed into the operations of Madison Street Capital to break new ground in the investment banking sector. The efforts have paid off as per their debut in the draw for the M&A annual Awards which is eyed by myriads of companies globally.

The companies qualifying for the M&A Awards draw had to fulfill some conditions. These include exceptional contract making skills, prowess in finance and business restructuring. Madison Street Capital qualifies for the award as they have successfully conquered all the above fields. The company is quite diverse and also deals in hedge funds, venture capital services, investment banks, business valuation acquisition services to name a few. The company is strategically placed at 105 West Madison Street, Chicago, from where it coordinates its global operations.

The Madison Street Capital is an investment banking firm built on the will to develop strong businesses across the United States. They are driven by the needs of their clients which they fulfill duly through cutting edge innovations in the financial industry. They also take part in charitable works by funding organizations such as the United Way. United way focuses on the identification of the common problems within the community and (through partnerships with governments, schools, agencies and businesses) work towards reversing the effects of the problems.

Madison Street Capital is sometimes referred to as a mid-market investment company due to its myriads of affiliates and the extensive relationship network in the financial investment industry. They have restructured several companies, provided capital to others and even aided in the buying out of businesses. All the above strategies are geared towards developing client businesses. They operate globally with offices in North America, Africa and Asia offering advisory services, business valuation among others.

As they await the results of the M&A Awards that will be announced on Wednesday 9th November at the New York Athletic Club, the company is seeking to break new grounds in the investment industry.

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Get Healthy Hair With A Superior Hair Care Treatment

Your hair is in superior hands with WEN hair by Chaz. It’s like a beautician in a bottle that you can use any time you want. After seeing their commercial one young lady was convinced that it is a reliable product that transforms hard to manage hair. Being on a budget meant that she would have to find a product that has quality results, but costs less. Wen by Chaz is an affordable all natural hair therapy trusted by thousands of men and women across the globe. They have pampered their hair with a proven hair care solution and recommends it to all.
Wen by Chaz has a secure website that accepts most forms of payment. You will even find a friendly online representative that is willing to assist you with your order around the clock. Each individual product comes with the proper usage amount for your hair care type conveniently listed on the product. They don’t want their customers wasting money by using to much or not using the right amount for their hair. Their most popular brand is the summer peach and they are proud to be one of the fastest growing online hair care solutions on the market.

Bustle reports that their eBay sold products will give you celebrity results from the testimonial of one young lady. She decided to use her own funds to purchase their product for her fine hair. She was tired of her hair breaking out in the shower and decided to do something about it. Your hair depends solely on the products that you use. If soft healthy hair is the goal Wen by Chaz gets results. Busy professionals will appreciate the aromatherapy after a long day at work or the office. You’re invited to become a Wen by Chaz member today by visiting their website. Also Check out the brand’s Wikipedia page for additional information.

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Securus helps Inmates maintain Close Relations with their Families

Securus Technologies has ascended to become the leading provider of a variety of inmates’ communication services. Since its formation in 1986, the company has become the face of inmate communication. In 2015, it stamped its authority in the industry when it launched a technological upgrade to the inmates’ communication systems to include advanced video visitation features.


Among Securus’ main objectives is to help make the rehabilitation of inmates smooth and steady through the provision of affordable inmate communication services. By enabling a constant connection between inmates and their relatives back home, Securus has become a key agent of rehabilitation. This is because communication between inmates and their relatives has already been linked to reduced recidivism and quick rehabilitation.


Many researchers have shown that inmates who communicate regularly with their family members while serving their sentences are less likely to be incarcerated for the second time compared to those who do not communicate with family.


It is from this angle that Securus Technologies has always based its commitment to making inmates’ communication easier and affordable to as many inmates as possible. It also explains the company’s recent introduction of an advanced video visitation that is accessible to users through common devices such as desktop computers, iPhones, iPads, and smartphones.


Using the technologies introduced by Securus, inmates’ families can choose the most appropriate visitations time while they are still at home. The time allocated for the visitation, however, will be subject to each correctional facility’s rules and regulations regarding visitations.


Securus Technologies is a telecommunication company that has dedicated its services exclusively to correctional facilities, criminal and civil justice agencies, and other inmates’ rehabilitation agencies. Since inception, the company has designed over 800 applications that are aimed at helping inmates to improve their lives and to help prison authorities manage prisons better. Some of the applications are used by inmates to complete their education be it at secondary or tertiary level.


Securus Technologies has proved its genuine concern for the welfare of inmates by ensuring that they can still be part of their family members. A special feature of the visitation is that it helps inmates to maintain the relationships they had with their children before being incarcerated. For instance, an incarcerated father is able to guide his son or daughter through his or her homework from prison via live video feeds. By remaining close to their children, inmates are challenged to rectify their deviant behaviors with anticipation to reunite with their children after the jail term is over.

Securus Video Visitation – Homework from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

Doing The Impossible At IAP Worldwide

Douglas Kitani has led a fantastic team at IAP Worldwide. For over 60 years, this company has seen a huge growth of success by providing excellent services all across the globe for problems and events that arise that are out of the ordinary. If there is a problem, IAP Worldwide can be sought after to take a look at what needs done and complete it. When Mr. Kitani gets involved in the problems, solutions are found that seem to be impossible because that is what IAP Worldwide is all about Ð solving the impossible situations.

What Is The Company Like?

The company that Mr. Kitani leads is filled with successful professionals that work on a regular basis to make the world a better place. They are dedicated to their professions. With their education and knowledge, they are able to complete a variety of difficult duties on a regular basis making them a leader in their field. There are over 2,000 of these hard working people employed at the company in over 16 different places across the world. With respect and integrity, they produce excellent work in all types of situations.

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How Long Has IAP Worldwide Been In Business?

They have been in business for over 60 years. During this time they have dealt with companies like Johnson Controls, Inc. and Pan Am World Services, Inc. Because of their dedication and extremely, intuitive approaches, they have assisted the government in a number of missions to remote areas.

What Is The Future For IAP Worldwide?

The future looks incredibly bright for this company because they continually acquire the latest in technology making them in even more demand. IAP Worldwide utilize all of their abilities to create solutions that will take them to even higher successes in the future. When they handle their work, they respect others and always practice with integrity. This makes them a leader in a world that needs this type of entity desperately to continue to propel itself into the future.

When IAP Worldwide gets involved, communities find that they are in good hands at all times. They never have to worry if the work will be done right because IAP Worldwide always completes it impeccably. Since they have been respected in the past, they will continue to be sought after as a leader in an industry that is ever changing. When they can come up with solutions to the impossible, they are always in demand by those in need throughout the world.

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