Reputation Management Company Leader Leads the Way

It was recently announced the Darius Fisher earned the very prestigious award for” Business Development Individual of the Year” The award is presented annually as part of the PR World Awards program. Fisher is the President and Co-Founder of Status labs and under Fishers leadership Status Labs has experienced over 900 percent revenue growth in four years. Fisher was able to achieve such growth by expanding the Staus Labs client base to over 1, 500 clients around the globe including high net worth individuals and Fortune 500 companies. The company has offices in Austin, New York and even Brazil. Status Labs provides its clients with online reputation management, public relations and personalized digital marketing to ensure the show up in the best light in an internet search.
With so many companies and individuals, starting to understand how important it is to protect your online reputation, many are turning to experts like Fisher and his team at Status Labs to help them manage their online presence. Fisher helps his clients overcome a negative online crisis’s every day and he encourages people to remember that there is always a second side to the stories you come across online.
The success of Status Labs is also the result of Fisher being able to attract top talent and retain them as well which allows him to continue to give the best service to his clients. Fisher uses sales incentives, team building and performance based awards as tools to keep his staff happy and motivated. Fisher believes that finding out what sort of award programs will keep his employees is key. Some of Fishers past incentives included watches or even a trip to Costa Rica. In addition Fisher keeps his staff in “the know” about happenings in the office including monthly meeting to bring everyone up to date.
Fisher graduated from Vanderbilt University and begin his early career in political consulting and copy writing. With the astonishing revenue growth Status Labs has seen under Fishers leadership it is clear that there will be more to come from him. As online reputation management becomes a leading issue for business around the world Fisher and his team are well prepared to assist.


What A Deere: Doe Deere that is

Before her days of being a CEO for one of the hippest online makeup brands, Lime Crime, Doe Deere had humble beginnings as a clothes maker on Ebay. Doe finally decided that after years of never finding makeup bright enough for her tastes, she was going to take control and make some available to everyone in 2008. Before we begin talking about just how the brand was decided and all, we’ll go back to some of Deere’s fondest makeup memories. In her early childhood, Deere had the experience of a lifetime while experimenting with her mother’s makeup. Doing everything she could to get the right colors that expressed her true passion for vividness. A tad bit later, Deere revealed that at a slumber party, she just had to do everyone’s makeup, even though it was a bit shaky and messy. Fast forward to the rise of YouTube, and in 2006 you’ll have seen Deere’s makeup vlogs. Even though her makeup skill wasn’t exactly what we see today, she grew a following that encouraged her to grow herself.

Two years later, Lime Crime was launched. The name itself was a happy mistake, as Deere revealed in an interview. It was the time of originality, and the fact that not only did it rhyme, but it also included her favorite color set off the perfect name for one of the most beloved brands of online makeup today. Heavily pigmented colors allow those of us who have a brighter side to express ourselves at very reasonable prices. Just like her personal makeup experience as a young girl, Lime Crime’s founding was based on experimentation. No matter what sort of negativity sprouted from the internet, Deere faced it with a positive attitude. This upbeat look on life and colors is what has gained Deere so many “Unicorns” (which is her fun little name for fans and loyal customers).

I personally started off having to conform to the soft, natural look when my own makeup experience began. It wasn’t until 2011 that I found Lime Crime and instantly fell in love. I picked out the perfect pallet and as soon as it got in, I began applying and loving my looks even more. Deere has inspired not only me, but also hundreds of thousands of her followers to stay true to themselves and keep trying bolder colors. If you stop over to her site you’ll be able to see for yourself what all the craze is for.

With her Unicorns in mind, Deere keeps her prices low and reasonable for such amazing products. Now, I typically have problems with matte lipsticks and liquid lipsticks leaving my lips feeling dry and chalky. All of her Velvetines and Pearlees have changed my outlook on the lipsticks because they keep my lips feeling moisturized during, and even after application. That’s just how Deere is, though, always keeping her unicorns’ happiness and comfort in mind. Give Lime Crime a try, and I promise you won’t be going back!

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Seattle Genetics Boss, Clay Siegall, to Join Mirna Therapeutics Inc.’s Board

In 2013, Mirna Therapeutics announced that its new outside board member will be Clay Siegall Ph.D. Siegall currently serves as the CEO, President, and board Chairman of Seattle Genetics. Mirna Therapeutics is a privately-held company that was established in 2007 and is located in Austin, Texas. It concentrates on the development of microRNA in therapeutics.

Currently, the company has focused its attention on cancer research, an area that Clay Siegall has a ton of experience in. The CEO and President of Mirna Therapeutics, Dr. Paul Lammers, reiterated that the company was thrilled to welcome Siegall and looked forward to picking his brain on several areas relevant to their research especially their microRNA therapeutics.

Seattle Genetics

Seattle Genetics is a prominent biotechnology company that primarily develops clinical products. Founded in 1998, the company has come a long way from its inception to the development of its latest cutting edge innovation, the antibody-drug conjugate (ADC). The company’s headquarters are found in Bothell Washington. The company has partnered with several leading organizations including Curagen, Medimmune, Genentech and Bayer Pharmaceuticals.

Clay Siegall Ph.D.

Clay Siegall is one of the co-founders of Seattle Genetics. Today, he is the CEO of the company. He also chairs the board of directors. The highly accomplished scientist has dedicated his life in the development of targeted cancer therapies that are needed in the research, treatment, and cure of cancer. He has maintained a foundation of rigorous research, drug development practices, and scientific innovation within Seattle Genetics.

Clay Siegall has guided Seattle Genetics’ capital raising activities. To date, the company has secured over $675 million in private and public financing thanks to the networking efforts of Clay Siegall. He led the initial public offering (IPO) of the company in 2001. Siegall has a Genetics Ph.D. from George Washington University. He also holds a Bachelor of Science in Zoology studies from the acclaimed University of Maryland.

Siegall has been instrumental in the development and deployment of antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) currently used in the treatment of cancer. To date, he is a published author whose is accredited with over 70 publications. He also holds an incredible 15 patents to his name.

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Avoid Toxic Lip Balms

Believe it or not, there are a cavalcade of cosmetic compounds used in some lip balms that are actually proven toxic. Two of those compounds are parabens and petrolatum. Consequently, these two compounds are often used in cut-rate lip balm across the world. To avoid being compromised by such poison, it’s advisable to always read the ingredients label on any cosmetic solution before you buy.
With lip balms especially, you want a non-toxic option that uses natural substances. The lips are a prominent feature of the body and often a level other individuals use in gauging attractiveness. If yours are swollen or dehydrated, it’s going to be noticeable, and leave a psychological impression of the negative variety on those who see them.

Lips should be smooth and soft–and the slightest bit wet, if there’s some heat in the air. They shouldn’t be swollen with collagen or dry with neglect. But life is difficult, and sometimes you need to recover. One way to do that is finding a lip balm like Evolution of Smoothness’ (EOS lip balm) new Active Protection balm. It comes in a spherical applicator, and is designed for dry lips that result either biologically or environmentally.

Additionally, EOS has several other organic lines of lip balm which include Shimmer Smooth and Visibly Soft. Shimmer Smooth ( sends a sensuous message, while Visibly Soft is inviting, but not too inviting.

All of EOS’ products feature natural compounds. For example, in their lip balms is jojoba oil, shea butter, and Vitamin E. These balms aren’t only available on ULTA in the spherical shape, there are also stick options and multipacks.

If you want your lips to be at their healthiest, you want to use products which are designed to keep them that way, and without any toxic chemical compounds directing their effectiveness. EOS has made this safe and effective balm. Visit the website