IAP Gets the Job Done

IAP Worldwide, standing for Ingenuity and Purpose, lives up to its name. Just last year, Newswire reports that IAP will be taking on DRS Technologies, Inc.’s (DRS) Aviation and Logistics business, and the Tactical Communications & Network Solutions business. The moves provide a grand opening into new operations that IAP Worldwide could have never entered into before. But if they keep the progress they’ve received lately, they will be enhancing both the aviation and technology fields. This move proves that this innovative company is always scoping the customer’s needs and supplying them with the quality and service that IAP will provide, no matter what new service they enter.

Beginning in 1953, IAP has bene serving the private and public sector for 60 years. They have based their successful business on the quality of their mission, vision, and values. From their promise to focus on the task with the highest priority to the agility and capabilities that no other international company can compete with, IAP will outsmart the competition.

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Their government services include global support of military operations using technological and logistical enhancement. The private contractors can use their services to integrate with government operations seamlessly, leaving less hassle and tax money spent. If you are a private organization working outside of the ordinary comforts, IAP can create and environment that suitable for your operation. They can set up a small village equipped with everything your crew could need. All you need to worry about is your goal, leave the rest to the IAP contractors to get you in and out safely. Engineering, Energy, and IT solutions are also a part of the IAP Worldwide’s expertise. Temporary or in an emergency, IAP has your back. You can count on their services for a set up in a remote area or to upgrade a system already in place. You can request anything from the logistics of a flight plan to secure communication systems; IAP can give you the tools to perform above the rest.

Today, IAP continues to expand at an impressive rate. In February of this year, they accepted a contract with the Department of Defense for $975 million dollars. The money will be used to build and manage narcotic prevention sites all around the globe.

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