SEC: A Reputable Resource for Whistleblowers Everywhere

Run by Jordan A Thomas, the SEC Whistleblower program has been serving the community for almost 50 years. Having a compelling track record, SEC has been recovering billions of dollars and ensuring that the financial market does and continues to operate with fairness, transparency, and accountability where it is due. Their Whistleblower Representation Practice has advocated for the courageous individuals that report potential violations of security even when there is personal or professional risks involved.

SEC Whistleblower Advocate was the very first to create a practice specifically focused in advocating and protecting individuals who have reported violations of laws regarding federal security. This focus, they claim, helps them to better utilize their expertise, experience, and resources in order to provide the best results for their clients.

Their clients are often corporate insiders who may have a lot to lose. They also serve other whistleblowers that are able to prove that a significant violation of security has occurred. SEC invests much of their time and resources to assisting these people to come up with the best course of action. When evaluating each case, SEC considers the significance of the violation, the clients’ end goal or goals, the risks involved with the case, the potential rewards of each case, and disclosure strategies that will help in minimizing the potential risk of retaliation as well as maximizing any potential reward.

SEC emphasizes that they are in it for the long run. They are dedicated to justice, helping whistleblowers through the entire legal process with utmost compassion for their particular situation.

The SEC Whistleblower Advocates have earned accolades for their successes in some of the most important and complex federal security cases is recent history. They have won decisions that have set precedents and billions of dollars in recoveries. They continue to settle cases against major economic companies that include Morgan Stanley, Fannie May, Bear Stearns, and Goldman Sachs.

In addition, they have recovered billions of dollars that have contributed to corporate governance reforms. They have helped in re-shaping how various organizations operate.

SEC Whistleblower Advocates are a team of lawyers that dedicate themselves to getting justice for those effected by federal security violations.

Doug Levitt’s The Greyhound Diaries Paint a Unique Picture of America

When Singer Songwriter Doug Levitt decided to travel across America by bus, he set out to gather the stories, songs, and life histories of people all across the county. That’s exactly what he did, and his new book, The Greyhound Diaries, offers a unique perspective into what it is like to live in America.

What makes this book unique is that it shows a side of America that most people, unless they live it, don’t get to see. The people whose lives Doug Levitt chronicles in his book are largely poor, unemployed and working class people who are struggling to get by. Many of them are in the middle of a transition in their lives. Moving away from home, returning or going to the army or returning from prison. After all, most people in this country don’t ride the bus unless they have to.

As explained on Tulsa Public Radio, the Greyhound Diaries project is more than just a book. Doug Levitt envisioned the project as something similar to many of the WPA projects in the 1930’s. This is something that is also intended give us a sense of the larger picture of what it like to live in the United States during this time. In addition to the book, the Greyhound Diaries project also includes a number of songs that have been recorded as a pair of EP and a web series.

The project was inspired by WPA projects from the 1930’s. Doug Levitt looked at current poverty statics and wanted to do something the help change them. He decided that by gathering stories and sharing them, he could help change public perception of what it means to be poor in America, and how people become that way.

Doug Levitt is a singer-songwriter who traveled nearly 70,000 miles over a period of 10 years to collect the stories of poor and working poor people who traveled on Greyhound buses. Before traveling the country, he worked in London as a correspondent. While in London he covered conflicts in the Middle East, the Balkans, and Africa for NBC, ABC, and CNN.

Kenneth Goodgame: A Worker For Retail

While retail is often thought about as a job that people work before starting their careers, there are some people that have a passion for and interest in retail and sales. Kenneth Goodgame is one of those people who are very passionate about taking the retail business to the next level. After all, people do need food and other products. Ken Goodgame is someone that is willing to help stores provide these products in a manner that makes customers want to make their purchase. Goodgame understands every aspect of the retail industry. He is therefore able to provide advice for people that are involved in the industry.

The point of retail is to make sales. This involves a lot of techniques for getting customers to visit the stores. This is why they run promotions. However, when running a promotion, it is important to take advantage of the promotion in a way that gets the customer to participate. For instance, when an item is on sale, or otherwise being sold at a discount, one good thing to do would be to set up an end cap for the product that is on sale so that they customers will easily find the item.

Ken also understands the importance of providing products that are high in quality. For one thing, if a retail store offers products that are low in quality, then it could have an effect on the reputation of the store. This is why it is important to check on the quality of the product before deciding to order the product and supply it in the stores.

Ken Goodgame is an expert in retail, sales and marketing. Therefore, he knows how to increase people’s interest in a product. He also understands what it takes to put together an interesting campaign that will not only make customers aware, but also bring them into stores to look for a certain product.

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Talk Fusion Founder Bob Reina Talks About Life Changing Mission

When Bob Reina opened the video chat window to his company in 2007, Talk Fusion has been on a global mission to help people. Since that time, Talk Fusion and Bob Reina have been helping people build their futures and their dreams. They also have been giving back to global communities, a mission that remains close to Bob Reina’s heart. Mr. Reina has a philosophy of with great success comes great responsibility. This single idea has helped to create the culture of Talk Fusion. It drives the motivation of the whole company and everything they do. Everything the company does is designed to help other people meet their goals and achieve success. You can read more about the company’s donations and mission in this article:

Talk Fusion is a new breed of company that is life changing, record breaking and award winning. When you are looking for an all in one video marketing solution, Talk Fusion is your ‘go to’ company. Everyday people and small to large business are using the Talk Fusion system as a more personal way to stay in touch. Email marketing is a huge help to every one who needs to stay in touch and so is the ability to conduct online meetings.

With Talk Fusions video email you can record a video and send it to your personal, business or charity contacts. Talk Fusion offers you thousands of easy to use templates. You can also use a video newsletter. Design one using a drag and drop interface within the Talk Fusion system. You can enrich this newsletter with a company logo or text and photos. using a newsletter like this can increase your open rates too.

Don’t forget the live meeting feature that allows you to hold meetings with your clients, staff and business prospects. With this feature you can share your desktop, Power Point or other files and so much more. You can also use the video chat feature and talk face to face with people.

Another great feature Talk Fusion has is their brilliant sign up form feature. It makes it easy to build your email list automatically. You can choose one from their designs or customize your own in a few clicks of the mouse. Video based auto responders will do the following up for you. This makes it easy for your prospect to become engaged. Perhaps the best part is knowing that all of these products offered by Talk Fusion are helping people connect to people and to provide charity all over the globe.

Avi Weisfogel Career And Life Outside Career

Much of his time, Avi Weisfogel spends in trying to find solutions to problems associated with sleep for his dental patients. When he is out of work, Avi Weisfogel spends much of his time following the New York Hockey team. This very year the team is set to operate a youth camp of hockey for the younger and smaller fans in the region.

The hockey camp for youth, by the Rangers, has been acknowledged to be part and parcel of the go skate team. This group seeks to educate children as well as inspiring them with their various interests in sports. Each and every year, the team develops a program that combines its efforts and reaches more than ten thousand children in the New York region and over its borders.

This year’s camp is an opportunity that will see children attending training for the entire week. These young players will be aged between seven and fifteen years of age. The sessions will be in an occurrence between the months of July up to August. The facility that will be used for the training will be the team’s official training center, and the practice will be running from the morning at 8 o’clock to 5 o’clock in the evening ever day of the week for all the two months of the year. The camp this year has promised to engage the learners according to their age groups from the children to the early teenagers with an appropriate program that will see proper training coming from the coaching staff, the ranger’s alumni as well as the local professionals in hockey. The students will be awarded an opportunity to meet with the current players for the Rangers.

Weisfogel is the founder and owner of the Dental Sleep Masters (DSM) program and the company that has its dedication only towards oral health care and professionalism. This has set it to improve in its practices as well as their business models. He is also an active diplomat in the Dental Sleep Medicine in the American Academy. This academy has been in operation for over 25 years.

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The Man Behind Great Startup Companies: Businessman and Philanthropist Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier started displaying unique talents at a young age. During his fourth grade he started programming, and when he was in high school, he created a database computer company. He entered Harvard University in 1984 majoring in English and American literature, and he graduated top of his class magna cum laude in 1988.

After finishing his studies he moved to Los Angeles in 1991 and he founded his first project called People Doing Things (PDT). A company that uses technology to address problems faced in health care, education and wellness.

From 1994 to 2015, he founded and co-founded various successful companies. These were Digital Evolution (1994), US Interactive, Inc. (1998), Akana (2001), Media Platform, Inc. (2007), ServiceMesh, Inc. (2008), Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council (2013 and vAtomic Systems, Inc. (2015). He founded all these in a short period of time.

Mr. Pulier became an active philanthropist at a very young age. He is notably known to use technology to solve help problems caused by poverty and to help physically impaired children not only in the US but around the world. He is a generous donor to several non-profit organizations, especially to XPRIZE Foundation. It is an organization that administers technology competition to develop advancements that will be beneficial to humanity in the future.

He is also known for being the founding donor of ACE Foundation. This organization is actively developing several projects through the use of technology that will help solve man’s challenges and problems in life. It is also involved in the distribution of clean drinking water and like XPRIZE, it is also active in sponsoring technology contests.

He also demonstrates his talent as an author. He wrote a book, “Understanding Enterprise SOA,” which he co-authored with Hugh Taylor. It explains service-oriented architecture (SOA), where application components provide services to other components. In it, you will learn the relationship between technologists and businessmen. You can find this book on Amazon and has an average of almost four stars rating.

Eric Pulier no doubt is a man of many talents. He has a vision and actively seeks solutions to alleviate the hardships of less unfortunate people, especially handicapped children. He is not only an entrepreneur, a philanthropist, and a recognized author. He is also a responsible husband and a loving father of four children.

DIVERSANT LLC as the Best Source of IT Professionals

John Goullet is one of the major shareholders of DIVERSANT LLC. He has served the firm as its Principal since 2010 after merging Info Technologies with DIVERSANT Inc. Goullet started working as an IT staffing expert in 1994 after he discovered a gap in the sector and founded Info Technologies. John became the Chief Executive Officer of the company, and its main clients were the United States’ Fortune 500 companies. The business rose rapidly and within the first five years, it had a worth of about thirty million dollars. The Inc. Magazine acknowledged its progress and ranked it as the eighth-fastest growing company. Mr. Goullet is an innovative person and business mogul. Before starting Info Technologies he owned and managed various prosperous IT enterprises.

DIVERANT LLC is an African-American owned IT staffing an organization that helps business in the United States in acquiring the IT professionals that match their needs. The company is registered as a Minority Owned Business Enterprise. The services that staffing firm offers to its clients include IT staffing augmentation, direct hiring, and various innovative solutions. DIVERSANT’s products and services ensure that the company’s customers, partners and the society that uses them are satisfied since they are based on a unique set of policies. The company interacts well with its clients and also consults with them hence making them feel like real partners during business,

Technology in the U.S and the world as a whole is evolving radically, and there is a great need of having highly talented IT experts. DIVERSANT LLC’s services help its clients in acquiring competent IT specialist. The company uses keen and strict methods in sourcing and hiring professional who have sufficient skills and experience to suit the needs of different companies. The IT talents that the firm offers have the skills that are necessary for creating personalized software for various companies. DIVERSANT matches professionals that have different talents and culture with institutions that need their specifications and this has considerably helped in creating healthy relationships with the clients since most of them are satisfied with the services.

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James Dondero Named Head of Charitable Giving at Highland Capital

James Dondero, President of Highland Capital Management,has teamed up with civi leader Linda Owen to expand the firms charitable giving. Linda Owen, who is the former president of the The Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation, will lend her considerable skills to he project as the firms charitible giving manager.

The Dallas Foundation, is the new charatible giving arm of Highland Capital Management. It is an effect to expand the amount of charitble giving the firm engages in. Linda Owen will use her expertise to create and organize creative, profitable fundraisers, and James Dondero will use his experience as a manager and his financial expertise to manag the rest of the Dallas Foudations operations.

Highland already contributes $3 million dollars to charitable organizations with the funds it raises throug the Dallas Foundation. With the help of Linda Owen’s skills and connections, Dondero believes they can give even more money back to the community. Many of these causes are related to veterans organizations as well as healthcare, education, and health care in the Dallas community.

Linda Owen has a long history of working on projects that help to improve the Dallas community. As president of the Woodall Rodgers Park foundation, she was instrumental in the development of Kyde Warren Park in Dallas among other projects. Prior to working for the Woodall foundation, she was a real estate developer and CEO of The Real Estate Council. She also worked as part of a number of charitable foundations and organizations as part of her career.

James Dondero is the president and co-founder of Highland Capital Management, along with his partner Mark Okada. In addition to his duties at Highland he is on the board of other companies including MGM Studios, American Banknote Corporation, CCS Medical, NexBank, NextPoint Residential trust, and others among a range of diverse companies. He is an expert in investing in credit and equity markets, with over 30 years in the field.

James Dondero’s experience is what makes him a qualified capable president of such a high quality financial and investment management firm. He helped pioneer the use of Colatorilized Loan Obligation and is graduate of the University of Virgina.

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Stephen Murray: Simply the Best

Stephen Murray might be gone, but his impression and his footprints are still here and stronger than ever. They will never go away nor will the impact he made on people’s lives. When reading about the man, it is hard not to be impressed with all that he accomplished and all that he achieved.

The wonderful thing about it is that he did it the old-fashioned way with blood, sweat, tears, and hard work. He was a jack-of-all-trades and worked as a private equity investor, philanthropist, and president and chief executive officer of CCMP Capital. The great thing about Stephen is nothing was too much for him. He enjoyed challenges and he enjoyed defeating those challenges.

The man was one of those people that just don’t come along every day. In fact, they come around but once in a lifetime. That is why it is heartbreaking that he is gone becase he had so many more people to positively impact, help, and change their lives.

As a human being, it is hard not to be moved by his work as a philanthropist. I love the work he did with the Make-A-Wish Foundation. All charities are great of course, but this one is truly special because it makes wishes and dreams come true.

When someone is at their lowest, they need to know that they have something to look forward to, some sort of light at the end of the tunnel. Stephen Murray provided that for them. Hope is a wonderful thing. It encourages people to keep on fighting, keep on trying, and to never, no matter what, give up. There is always a chance for a cure and for things to get better.

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital put smiles on the faces of everyone he encountered, but especially those at Make-A-Wish. When you can touch people like that and make their day just a little bit easier, you have done something extraordinary.

If you look back at Stephen’s life, everything was out-of-this-world. From his education at Boston College and Columbia Business School to being the president of a company to helping out others. Everything he touched, it really did turn to gold.

Now, even though he is not with us, it is important to honor the man and all that he achieved and all that he accomplished. It is also important to try our best to live our lives the way he lived his life.

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InnovaCare Leads the Medicare Advantage Plans

Most people who have Medicare coverage, use Original Medicare, however some people get their health care benefits from a Medicare Advantage Plan. These plans are run by major insurance companies who contract with the federal government and are paid a specific amount for medical care. Some of the most common types of plans include, Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs), Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs) and Private Fee-For -Service (PFFS). You still need to pay your Part B premium each month, even if you have a Medicare Advantage Plan. These plans provide all the basic care, just with different rules and regulations.

The difference between Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans is that Advantage Plans have an out-of-pocket annual limit, whereas Original Medicare does not. The limits are a bit high. Advantage plans can include vision or dental care. Original plans do not include these benefits. Advantage plans may charge a premium in addition to the Part B premiums. Check before signing up. They will typically have a co-pay as well for each time service is provided.

People who have Medicare Parts A and B are eligible for an Advantage Plan. You must live in the area covered by the plan. If you want Part D drug coverage, you need to buy a plan that includes it or buy a separate plan. Those with End-Stage Renal Disease can only get the Advantage Plan if they apply for a Special Needs Plan.

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InnovaCare, Inc.

InnovaCare Health, Inc. is a major provider of managed healthcare in the United States. They offer primary care through provider networks, and through a Medicare Advantage plan. InnovaCare’s Advantage plans offer comprehensive medical benefits to seniors.

InnovaCare has a very high satisfaction rate from insured people, reaching 99 percent. They offer high rates of preventive care and health management services. They are currently one of the leaders of Medicare Advantage Plans in the industry. Dr. Rick Shinto is the President and Chief Executive Officer of InnovaCare, Inc. He has over 20 years of operational and clinical healthcare experience. Penelope Kokkinides serves as the Chief Administrative Officer of the company. She rejoined the company in June of 2015. She spent some time with Aveta, Inc. She has over 20 years of health care experience, mainly with Medicare and Medicaid programs.

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