Madison Street Capital to Forever Evolve Investment Banking

Benzinga published an article regarding the world’s leading international investment banking company: Madison Street Capital recently. In the article it is discussed that the Chief Operating Officer of Madison Street Capital: Anthony Marsala was chosen to receive the seventh annual “Emerging Leaders” award.
Madison Street Capital is the leading boutique for international investment banking for countless reasons. They always provide clients with the most cutting edge information and opportunities regarding the investment banking industry. This in and of itself places Madison Street Capital far above and beyond their competition. Investment banking is widely recognized as one of the utmost “cut throat” or highly competitive commercial industries.
The article quotes Anthony Marsala as saying that he was “thrilled” to be recognized to such a degree as receiving the Emerging Leaders award in such a “competitive industry and community”. Marsala credits the team at Madison Street Capital for supporting him through and assisting him highly in all of his accomplishments that landed him such a greatly prestigious award.
Proving even further the exceptionalism of Madison Street Capital is the fact that all of the members of the judging panel for the Emerging Leaders award are independent, widely respected business leaders of the world. From an “impressive” pool of nominations, Anthony Marsala of Madison Street Capital was chosen as recipient.
The article goes on to explain that following the recent expansion of the Emerging Leaders program into “Europe and the United Kingdom”, award recipients such as Anthony Marsala of Madison Street Capital are truly indoctrinated into an immense, fully global network of successful and innovative business leaders such as themselves.
As the Emerging Leaders program continues its rapid development and expansion, the professional network of award winners will continue to pool. With each passing growth “spurt” of Emerging Leaders, companies who have proven their worth to such a degree as Madison Street Capital can be and are entirely expected to develop and experience growth with ever increasing rapidity.
Furthermore, Madison Street Capital possesses a level of understanding regarding the growth of both small and medium sized investments that simply eludes competitor firms. There is a clear reason that Madison Street Capital is taking the investment banking industry by storm and increasing their clientele rapidly: they have already helped thousands worldwide.

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Dog Chow of the Ages

Pets are more than just our four-legged friends they are family, and in my family we like to eat. Nestle Purinastore Beneful offers a variety of foods for your furbaby from puppy hood on to their older years.

When starting puppies off on dog food you want to feed them food high in nutrition for there growing bodies. The calcium rich chow with real chicken, rice, and vitamin packed veggies provides a perfect balance for the growing pups. With the nutrition they need and a taste they’ll gobble up.
Beneful original dry dog food on Amazon is ideal for all ages of pups and is packed with antioxidant-rich belnds and wholesome ingredients you and your dog loves. With tender crunchies made from three real falors of salmon, chicken and beef. Each sure to please your pals taste buds!
Purina Beneful prepared meals are a great go to for your pets wet dog food ( indulgence.  The entrees includes meaty chunks,rice and fresh veritables that have been simmered to perfection moist enough you could toss in some  crunchies on in if your order prefers. added bonus if being in a resealable container and free of harsh chemicals to keep your dog happy and healthy. Available in delectable chicken stew, simmered chicken medley, chopped blends with lamb and rice, beef medley, roasted turkey, and roasted chicken flavors. More then enough options to please your pets.
With Beneful healthy Reliance your dog can have it all nutrition taste health and happiness. Protein-rich chow made with real salmon insurers strong muscles and enriched with zinc and carbohydrates for energy and let not forget to mention that shiny coat! This balance will keep your pup radiantly happy for years to come!
So through the years we enjoy time alongside out pets. Be sure they live it to the fullest! Give them a healthy Beneful diet to ensure a long happy life for your adopted family member.

Sam Tabar Named COO FullCycle, Innovators in Clean Energy

FullCycle Energy Fund recently elected Sam Tabar as Chief Operating Officer, giving him control over the company’s fund management strategy. According to Tabar, he is eager to begin working with the senior leadership team in an endeavor to explore more environmentally friendly, lower cost fuels.
Tabar’s background includes spearheading budgeting for financial corporations. As head of Capital Strategy for Merrill Lynch, aka Bank of America, he gave fund managers guidance for their institutional investors including endowments, foundations, pensions, fund of funds and family offices. Tabar was also called in as a consultant on operations for front and back office teams. He was also the Co-Head of Marketing for Sparx Group.

Tabar also lends his expertise as an attorney for Skadden, Arps, Meagher, Slate & Flom, and also Schulte, Roth & Zabel to his new post. Lawyerist tells us Tabar received a Masters of Law from Columbia Law School and also a Bachelor of Arts from Oxford University. In addition Tabar served as editor of the Columbia Business Law Journal and is a member of the New York state Bar. writes Tabar was one of the first investors in Tribute and he also invested in a company called SheThinx, an innovator in the feminine hygiene products. These are just a few of Tabar’s capital investment projects. Tabar is also adept at hedge fund formation and structure, as well as investment management and private placement memoranda. He has vast experience with employment issues and regulatory and compliance issues because of his time at Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom. In 2004, Tabar became Managing Director & Co-Head of Capital Strategy for SPARX Group Co. / PMA Investment Advisors and then became Director and Head of Capital Strategy for the Asia-Pacific Region at Merrill Lynch/Bank of America.

In September of 2013, Tabar re-entered the legal profession joining Schulte, Roth & Zabel LLP as a Senior Associate. His specialties were hedge funds, fund formation and structure, including regulatory and compliance issues. Tabar left the firm in August of 2014.

FullCycle Energy Fund began in 2013 in an effort to fund projects that would convert solid waste into clean, usable fuel to help provide clean, efficient energy sources to people around the world. The company’s mission is to invest in and retrofit electric power plants from high cost, environmentally harmful fuels to fuels derived from Municipal Solid Waste.

The Races at Junior Day Event

I have read about the races that have taken place at Junior Day. These races at the Melges 32 Gold Cup is always an interesting event to look at because I always like to see how people handle their sails, even in the midst of harsh weather. The second racing day in Fort Lauderdale especially stood out for me as one of the best days for sail racing. There have been a total of three races so far. Among the people that have raced in the event was Dick DeVos, a successful businessman and philanthropist who has been involved in many different ventures and has even been involved in politics.

Dick DeVos himself has been involved in many different charities. The DeVos family runs the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation which is a faith based organization. Dick DeVos has worked with the Amway Corporation starting in 1974 and he has worked his way up to Vice President of the company’s international division in which he has expanded the company into 18 different countries. He has also been the President and CEO of Orlando Magic of the NBA for a little while. He has used his business expertise in order to bring the company to greater levels of success when it comes to sales.

Dick DeVos has shown that he has a lot of skills when it comes to sailing. He has come in first place on the second day. The final day of the race was February 14. The racers got to deal with different weather conditions while they were sailing. Among the conditions of the sails were fluctuating breezes. However, the best sailors have proved that they can handle any type of weather condition that is thrown at them. Dick DeVos has shown that he is willing and able to take on anything.

Motivational Learning That Leads To a Greater Success

Class Dojo is a communication platform used both in school and at home to enhance good learning moments. Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don are the founders of high tech app that connects students, teachers, and parents safely by sharing classroom moments. The Class dojo company through its highly skilled team of employees has raised $21 million in a venture to fund the tech that covers on; daily student performances, communal and behavioural progress at school.
Communication is an essential tool that brings all members of an institution together as a team and works in harmony to achieve the outlined goals. Class dojo has enabled effective communication on daily school activities making the parent aware of all happenings in the school other than waiting for the end of semester parent –teacher gathering. The main role of the capital raised is to develop the team and upgrade the app in favour of parents who uses class dojo during school and at home.
The teachers use the application to make parents informed on current moments in a class by taking and sending photos or videos to them. The class dojo was started in 2001 after a research showed that there lacked a free user- friendly app that would create community awareness and build culture between students, teacher and the parents. Irrespective of many odds from edtech companies like; Remind, kickboard, FreshGrade, Nearpod, and much more that want to connect schools to students’ parents class dojo has made it and excelled.
The app has received a warm reception in 85,000 U.S schools and over 180 schools in other countries, mostly for kindergarten 8th-grade level. The company wants to reach more teachers and parents all over the world by supplying the app evenly to the schools. Many investors have been attracted to class dojo they are; SignalFire, Reach Capital and GSV who are willing to invest in the company. Liam Don assures the parents and their kids that privacy is essential and the company will
Class dojo General catalyst Managing Director Hemant Taneja says Class dojo initially started as a podium to improve behavioural character but now has grown into an education platform. The app is made to suit the needs of teacher’s parents in line with goals of success. The app consists of; animated videos, discussion manuals and lessons they could carry at home. The parents can also pay school fees, lunch and tours via the app. Class dojo has led to a greater success.

Shaq to build Apartment Complex in Atlantic City?

Shaquille O’Neal, former professional basketball player and 4 time NBA Champion may be considering building an apartment complex in Atlantic City. Along with Wasseem Boraie, Shaquille O’Neal plans to seek a 30 million dollar loan to assist in the building of this apartment complex.

Boraie commented on the news, saying, “Our Team has secured outside financing for the Beach at South Inlet Project,” the name of the would-be apartment complex. He continues, “We look forward to working closely with the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority to make this happen in a timely manner.”

O’Neal and Boraie plan to position their apartment complex next to the now defunct Revel Casino. The Revel closed its doors in September of 2014. Along with The Revel, a majority of this area of the city is vacant and neglected by the city.

Wasseem Boraie, executive vice president of Boraie Development, a company that was created in 1986, believes that projects like this, along with similar projects going at once, are key to revitalizing and reinvigorating the area. In the past the city has only focused on one large scale developmental project at a time, Boraie claims. He praises current city management for taking an approach to allow several smaller scale project to be in work at the same time.

Along with his father, Omar Boraie, the founder of Boraie Development, Wasseem has been putting his efforts into the revitalization of New Jersey for years. Aside from the planned project along side Shaq, Boraie has several other projects on his plate. The Aspire was launched in early 2015. Contained within are 238 residential units. The Aspire is mere steps away from the New Brunswick Train Station, providing a convenience to its residents. Along with the Aspire, across the street is the Albany Street Plaza. Completed in 2004, the two tower building is host to several retail businesses. The building boasts over 250,000 square feet of total floor space.

If The Beach at South Inlet comes to fruition, Boraie hopes for it to be the home of 250 residents once it is to capacity. The complex would be with-in walking distance of the ocean and its accompanying boardwalk, making for a luxurious place to live.

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New York Based Event Planning

DeJuan Stroud is one of the hottest names in event planning in the entire United States. From working with celebrities and high profile business executives such as Jon Bon Jovi, Micheal Bloomberg as well as Donald Trump, Stroud has certainly made a name for himself in event planning and design. Culture Map Houston, a Texas based news blog recently hosted an interview with DeJuan Stroud to see what it is really like to work with some of the most recognizable names in the industry as one of the best floral designers in the world. Stround acknowledged that working with such big names helps him to push his creativity and to work that much harder. When discussing creating the perfect environment for a party, he talked about making people feel comfortable and excited while holding their attention. He also mentioned utilizing lighting to make people look good as one of the most important factors for creating the perfect part environment. Although from the Alabama, Stroud operates out of New York, where he sees the same familiar values of family and hard work as important in the big city as down south.

Another design and event planning firm based out of New York is 23 Layers, which has developed a unique style and passion for creating the best events around. From small personal events to large corporate functions, 23 Layers provides available expertise and passions to deliver on any project. The team at 23 Layers, through their expertise and history, have created strong relationships with world-renowned establishments as well as popular vendors, making working with them a rewarding and stress-free process.

23 Layers offers extensive service and expertise to make sure each event is as unique and fulfilling as the last. They specialize in catering, floral design, lighting, branding, entertainment and so much more. Their services are extensive as well as inclusive to make sure that clients are met with all of their needs in the most efficient and satisfying way possible. 23 Layers can be contacted via their website or simply by calling 646.837.5902 and emailing the team at [email protected]

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Wen by Chaz is a Quick Fix

WEN cleansing conditioner has been the hair care product of choice for years for women who want to add volume and shine to their hair without harming it in the progress. While it has been on the sephora beauty market for decades, Wen by Chaz cleansing conditioner has obviously not made it to the bathroom of every hair care enthusiasts. This explains the surprise is an editor for Bustle discovering Wen by Chaz cleansing conditioner for the first time and feeling the urge to tell her readers all about her personal experience with improving the health and appearance of her own hair. Indeed, in a seven day experiment, the author tried out Wen by Chaz cleansing conditioner on her own hair to see if she could make her typically fine hair full of volume and shine. Although the editor admits to seeing amazing results from Wen by Chaz cleansing conditioner on the many infomercials aired on television for the famous hair care product, she had not tried it for herself before this experiment. She was more than pleased to report that it ended up working wonders on her fine hair. At the end of the week, her hair was shinier and fuller than before.
Wen by Chaz cleansing conditioner is the brain child of celebrity hair stylist Chaz Dean. Dean is based out of Los Angeles and has decades of experience in making women fall in love with their hair. He understands exactly what is needed to make hair appear shinier and healthier for the long term. Because he takes the long view on hair care, Dean designed a product that would make women’s hair healthier every time that it is used. He also took efficiency in mind, which is why he made Wen by Chaz cleansing conditioner a total hair care solution. WEN FAQ’s here: