Doe Deere Breaks Rules, Gets Accolades and Builds a Solid Cosmetics Brand

When you are coming up in a land of juggernauts you are going to need a game plan. You cannot go into an industry where there are already dominant players and follow suit. It doesn’t work that way if you want to be known in an industry. You have to play a little less by the rules. You have to find a way to break the rules and move beyond your competitors. That is what Doe Deere has done.

Doe Deere has peaked through the keyhole of the cosmetics industry doors and totally emerge into someone that other cosmetics industry leaders are threatened by. She presents a certain type of mystery that is going to make her name known. Doe Deere break rules in fashion and dares other to follow her lead. She had unique makeup line that gives people chills because it is so different from the other makeup brands that are out there. This is what has made her successful. Her young customers are flocking to the Internet to buy the lip gloss and lipstick. The eyeliner is also a hit. There are so many shades that are being represented with the brand, and Doe Deere continues to emerge victoriously every time that she introduces something new. That is the part of her charm. That is what makes her a fun person to be around. She manages to do what other people may feel too restricted to do, and she tends to give people around her a certain freedom. This is what makes her make special. This is something that makes people feel like they are breaking out of their shell.

Doe Deere colors her hair, and she wears a mirage of patterns. She wears stockings with open-toed shoes at times. She is someone that mixes colors that don’t look like they would work together until you try it out. That seems to be the way that she has carried her entire brand. Doe Deere has managed to engage in a life of no restrictions and the new shades of Lime Crime represents this no holds barred type of personality that Doe Deere possesses. People that are down with what she is doing are getting on board and buying those bright lipstick colors. They are expressing their individuality and breaking the fashion rules along with Doe Deere. It is something that appears to appeal to the masses.

Stephen Murray left a huge impact on the world

There are many great individuals in the finance industry. These individuals worked hard to leave their mark. Controlling powerful companies on LinkedIn and doing whatever was necessary to get their clients the returns they deserved. One of the greatest names in the history of finance was Stephen Murray.

Steve Murray was born in Massachusetts. He excelled in school and easily earned his spot at Boston College. At Boston College, he earned his degree in economics. He worked in the private sector for several years, and then went to Columbia Business School. He excelled at Columbia Business School, quickly received his MBA.

After finishing his education, Steve Murray went to work for the Manufacturers Hanover Corporation. The company transitioned through several different names and forms throughout the early nineties, until it was acquired by Chase. JP Morgan then acquired Chase in the early 2000s. While the company’s name kept changing, Stephen was diligently working his way up the ladder. In 2005, JP Morgan made him the head of buyout business. Just a year later, JP Morgan chose to spin off several divisions. One of the spinoffs was CCMP Capital, and Steve Murray was a natural choice for CEO of this new company.

CCMP quickly became an industry leader. People throughout the industry looked towards CCMP for guidance and leadership, and Steve Murray was mostly credited for the company’s success. Today, the company is still seen as a major player in the industry.

Stephen served on the boards of companies like AMC Entertainment, Aramark, Vitamin Shoppe, and numerous other companies. All of these companies benefitted from Stephen’s insight and expertise and Stephen was proud to serve on these boards.

Stephen loved working in the business community on, but his life’s passion was giving back via philanthropic works. He regularly helped the Make-a-Wish foundation raise money. He loved his alma mater’s and gave generously to Boston College and the Columbia Business School. He felt that the neediest in our community need our support, so he supported the local food bank. Stephen left his mark on the business world, but his philanthropic works had a huge impact on the world.

Unfortunately, he recently passed on, but people throughout the financial sector have benefitted from his keen insights. CCMP remains a strong leader in the financial world because of his leadership.

Beneful Dog Food Varieties

Pets bring a lot of joy to the people who keep them. This means that they should be treated with all the care in the world so that they can remain healthy always and serve the owners well too. If this is done, the pets remain loyal, and they bring satisfaction to the people in charge of them.

Everything that has life must be given food in order to survive, and dogs are not an exemption. Their food should be healthy and clean so that they do not fall sick every now and then. Pets that consume good food have proven to live longer compare to the rest that are neglected.

There are many companies that manufacture pet food in the modern market. The competition in the recent past has gone very high, making many people to manufacture several pet foods that are good and healthy for your pet. One of these companies is known as Purina. This brand of food is custom made, and this means that your dog or any other pet will fall in love with the food just by the flavor.
Recently, PurinaStore introduced a new brand of food for dogs known as Beneful. The food has received a lot of positive results from the pet owners, because it is healthy, and dogs love it. The food comes in several varieties, and the owner chooses the type they like.

Chopped blends

Chopped blends are one of the Beneful brands. Just like the other brands, the food is very healthy, and it has carrots, beef, barley, and peas. All the elements required by your dog are there.


All dogs must get a balanced diet to remain fit and healthy. Incredibites from Beneful contains everything needed by your dog. It has wild rice, beef, tomatoes and several other nutrients. The flavor of the food is good too.

Tuscan style medley

Tuscan is also good for dogs. It has carrots, beef, spinach and wild rice. It tastes very nice, and most dogs love it.

Beneful is available online:




Brad Reifler’s Top Tips for Safe Investments

Making money in the world of investments can be an arduous task that most people never end up prepared for. That is why people like Brad Reifler and companies like Forefront Capital exist. Brad Reifler has been working in the investment world for decades now and the majority of those years have been spent working with elite investors. Recently, Brad Reifler has made it a focus point of his to begin helping out the ‘99% of investors’ that are ignored: the everyday investors. Reifler released a list of tips to help investors, as can be seen on Reuters.

The first step to finding success with investments, according to Reifler, is having a solid heading on why you are investing. Knowing what your investment objective is will allow you to set the tone of your investments: how aggressive you need to be and how conservative you can get away with being.

Once you know the end game of your investment plan you can begin to study how to do it carefully. Investments are innately risky and Reifler understands this. So in order to combat rash decisions Reifler heavily suggests that you carefully consider every risk, charge, and expense that you might come across with potential investments. You want to know what you are working with from the perspective of your assets as well as the perspective of a potential investment.

Finally, Brad Reifler is completely against just dumping all of your money into the stock market. The stock market isn’t something that you can weather a storm on when you are first starting out.

One University Is Teaching Students To Use Wikipedia More

A lot of professionals in the academic industry have been encouraging students not to use Wikipedia because Wikipedia is not a reliable source. It has not been reliable simply because any one can go in and edit a Wikipedia page. One university is taken a different look at Wikipedia. 

Professors at the University of Sydney are encouraging students to edit and make a Wiki page versus writing essays.

These professors are encouraging this practice because they believe that typical essays don’t require much creative thinking and is not always appealing especially in this digital space that writing is becoming more popular. 

On the contrary many professors feel this new approach will cause students to think more in depth when creating content because content online will have a much longer life span than a written essay. 

A professor at the university first encouraged this Wikipedia page creation after noticing the amount of uncollected essays. This showed many professors that students did not care about academic feedback. Many professors began to think they were wasting their times leaving long elaborate comments their students weren’t even reading.

No one really can determine yet if the new study with Wikipedia will really have an impact on the students as writers but professors are hoping to teach students the importance of accountability and always being willing to put your best foot forward in your writing.

If you are looking for a professional Wikipedia writing service, you can check out Get Your Wiki for all your page creation and Wikipedia editing needs. Hiring Wiki writers from a reputable service such as Get Your Wiki assures your page will be created in a timely manner by these Wiki experts for hire.

Kyle Bass Steals From the Rich And Gives to the Rich

Socialism isn’t really about redistributing wealth, as much as those championing it would say it is. When you look at historical trends of socialism, it’s actually about deposing the current aristocracy and replacing it with the surrounding bureaucracy. Here’s the thing, though: a lot of those individuals pushing paper can’t run the government any better than the previous aristocrats, and in fact end up tanking the economy pretty much…every time. Just look at Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, socialist despot of Argentina. This woman has defaulted her home country’s economy two times in only thirteen years–that’s historically poor leadership. Yet hedge fund manager Kyle Bass, who is based out of Dallas Texas, has nothing but good things to say about her. Perhaps this is because Bass is also an Argentine, or perhaps its because he’s working in capacity as an economic assassin in the United States. Is there any evidence in this? Well, yes there is, actually. Most of Bass’ career, as told by

In March of 2008, Bass gave information to a CSPAN reporter pertaining to Bear-Stearns, the investment bank he had previously been working as an executive at. The information led the reporter to ask a leading question which implied Goldman-Sachs had lost confidence in Bear-Stearns. This was based on Bass’ tip. The truth was that no confidence whatsoever had been lost between the two; the issue was a novation, and those can be sketchy even though they are very common. Novations involve trading equal quantities without translating them in the interim. Think of it like the transitive property in mathematics. If “A” equals “B”, and “B” equals “C”, then “A” equals “C”. Well, Goldman-Sachs reversed whatever decision they’d made prompting Bass to inform on them, but it was too late. Was Bass’ information-slippage the straw that broke the Camel’s back? Maybe, maybe not; but his claim to fame came that same year when he got in on the international financial conversation and predicted the sub-prime lending crisis would collapse. That’s kind of like lighting a house on fire and then yelling: “LOOK OUT! THAT HOUSE IS ON FIRE!”

Bass also uses his humanitarian agency CAD, the Coalition for Affordable Drugs, to force drug companies into lowering prices such that he can short-sell his holdings with them on Wall-Street when their stock drops value. Bass regularly uses these kinds of techniques, and they are fundamentally damaging to the American economy. He steals from those in this country, and funnels it to his own aims. He steals breakthroughs from the sick, for no reason other than making money.

SKOUT’s Partnership with SF-Marin Food Bank to Cater for Hunger Stricken Citizens

Different people celebrate events differently. As a result, SKOUT chose to celebrate the National Potato Chip Day by trying to provide food for 20,000 people facing the risk of hunger. This initiative was undertaken in conjunction with the SF-Marin Food Bank.
According to the PR Newswire, SKOUT was rallying its users to participate in the food drive as a way of giving back to the community. SKOUT is a global app that helps people socialize and meet new individuals in the process. The San Francisco-based company is available online through

In the one-day drive, the company took the time to give back to the community through a virtual gift campaign within its app. In the campaign, the company was giving a cash donation to the food bank, for every virtual chips bag given that day. The company campaigned intensively, encouraging its users to send their friends the virtual snack to take part in the activity. The goal for this drive was to serve 20,000 people between the states of San Francisco and Marin.

Virtual gifting is a common activity on SKOUT. According to Christian Wiklund, the co-founder, and CEO of SKOUT, his company enjoys coming up with ways of leveraging the feature to bring positive change to the community.

This was not the first time SKOUT was undertaking such an initiative. In 2015, SKOUT delivered a donation that served 10,000 participants of the SF-Marin Food Bank’s celebration of National Grilled Cheese Day. Again, this effort was also undertaken in partnership with SF-Marin Food Bank.

SKOUT is a smartphone application that helps people meet new friends. In other words, it is a location-based social networking app and website. The application supports both iOS and Android phones and is thus available on the AppStore and Google play. The company is the brainchild of the dynamic duo of Christian Wiklund and Niklas Lindstrom.

SKOUT uses the phone’s GPS to determine the user’s location. With this information, the app then helps the user find other users within a certain radius. However, the app does not pinpoint the exact location of the user. Additionally, one can choose to opt out of the app’s location-tracking features. The company separates adult users from underage users within the community.

Venezuela Fights Hunger

Venezuela is facing hunger and other issues according to, with water being as expensive as gas in the country right now. Venezuela is facing out of control prices with food, as the country cannot grow enough of its own. The government is now urging citizens to grow its own food.

The country has plenty of resources available to grow its own food, however it often relies on outside places to get food. Some say as much as 80% of the food comes from outside sources.

David Osio is quick to point out that chefs are also having a difficult time obtaining food. Even the best of the best restaurants in the country struggle with being able to make and produce food. Osio says they have struggled to survive and often make cuts where necessary. Despite the current issues, restaurant staff say they work with what they get. You can read more on chef’s stories here.

If you would like to watch a YouTube video of the situation, you can do so here.